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How to Add Contacts to the Mac OS X Snow Leopard Address Book

In Mac OS X Snow Leopard, the Address Book has a default location in the Dock, making it available whenever you need it, but it is only useful if you add contact information. Although you can add contact [more…]

How to Block Unwanted iChat Invitations on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

In Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s iChat, you might want to block chat invitations from some people for any number of reasons. Rejecting unwanted invitations is easy, and you don’t have to explain why you chose [more…]

How to Add Visual Effects in iChat

Mac’s software lets you add special effects to iChat with video backdrops. You can also use many of the special effects filters provided by Snow Leopard’s Photo Booth to keep your video chat room laughing [more…]

How to Manage Spam E-mail with Apple Mail

No one wants spam and junk mail. Thankfully, Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Apple Mail has a net that you can cast to collect junk mail before you have to read it. You can mark any message in the message list [more…]

Make Sure Your Mac Plays Nice with Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange e-mail is prevalent in business. Apple has widened its support for (and simplified setting up) Exchange e-mail accounts, the type you typically use for work. And you’ll not only have [more…]

When iMovie and iDVD Get Together

iDVD is a program for authoring, or designing, a DVD. But Apple figures (probably not incorrectly) that DVDs are on their way out. Optical drives are no longer standard on the latest Mac desktop or notebooks [more…]

8 Amazing Features of Mac OS X Mountain Lion's Messages

Messages, formerly iChat, is the instant messaging (IM) feature in Mac's Mountain Lion. Instant messaging conversations on your Mac occur in real time, using your choice of text, voice, or video. Here's [more…]

FaceTime Tricks for Your Mac

Through FaceTime, you can gab with and see your friends. FaceTime works from Mac to Mac as well. You need OS X version 10.6.6 or later and an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to the Internet. You can do a [more…]

The Benefits of the Mac Messages App

On the Mac, the Messages app is useless without one more essential component: at least one other person with whom to schmooze. So, be prepared to compile your list of contacts. [more…]

How to Add Buddies and Groups to Your Mac Messages App Buddy List

Though you don’t have to use the buddy list for all your friends and contacts on your Mac, it can be helpful. To summon your list of Buddies, choose Window→Buddies. [more…]

How to Use the Messages App Buddies List to Chat on Your Mac

The iMessage service lets you send and receive free and secure messages on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with folks who have one or more of these devices. They’ll either get your message on their [more…]

How to Communicate Your Online Status with the Mac Messages App

Want to find out if your buddy is able to chat? With Mac iMessages, you’ll mostly be able to tell whether your buddies are online at the moment and willing to give you the time of day. Here’s how: [more…]

How to Designate VIPs in Your Mac's Email

Some mail, obviously, is too important to ignore — so important, in fact, that these senders are given special status. In the Mac world, this means VIP status. You have very important people in your life [more…]

What's New with iMessage?

A major update for the iMessage application is scheduled to roll out on Apple hardware September 2016. The update integrates features such as rich links that are available on other messaging applications [more…]

How to Use the New Apple iMessage Features in iOS 10

Apple Messages, also known as iMessage, is a messaging application that comes standard with all Apple iOS devices. A major update for this application is scheduled to roll out on all Apple devices in September [more…]


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