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How to Attach Files to Your Mac E-Mails

You can attach a file to e-mail you send from your Mac. These attachments are typically word-processing documents, but you can attach any type of file: pictures, music, spreadsheets, videos, and more. [more…]

How to Add Stationery to Your Mac E-Mails

Apple added more than 30 e-mail stationery templates as part of Leopard, covering most major occasions and organized by category. These Mac stationery templates include birthday parties, baby announcements [more…]

Mac E-Mail Features

The Mac e-mail program isn’t just for sending e-mail. You can use the e-mail program to accomplish a variety of Mac tasks, including viewing a photo slideshow, flagging and archiving messages, using parental [more…]

Video Chatting on Your Mac

IMing and text chatting are yesterday’s news; the new way of communicating is to use your Mac for a video phone call. Assuming that your camera and microphone are configured to your liking, in iChat, click [more…]

How to Share Files Using Mac’s iChat Theater

You can share pictures from iPhoto, presentations from Keynote, and even QuickTime movies by turning on your Mac’s iChat Theater. You can take advantage of iChat Theater in a few ways, provided your broadband [more…]

How to Share Mac Screens via iChat

Via iChat, you and your buddy from afar can collaborate on a Web site or some other project. If you both have Macs with Leopard, you can work on one or the other’s screen remotely — just click back and [more…]

How to Speak Chat Room: Instant Message Shortcuts

Becoming fluent in the lingo of chat rooms and instant messaging is crucial if you want to fit in or merely understand what's taking place. However, remember to resist the overuse of emoticons in your [more…]

How to Move Outlook Express Addresses to Your Mac Address Book

In OS X, Address Book is a separate application. Mail and other OS X applications, including iChat, make use of the Address Book database of contacts. Fortunately, Outlook Express addresses are relatively [more…]

How to E-Mail Photos from iPhoto 09

iPhoto 09 can help you send your images through e-mail by automating the process. The application can prepare your image and embed it automatically in a new message. To send an image through e-mail, select [more…]

How to Create an E-mail Group on Mac with Snow Leopard

You might want to organize your Mac e-mail contacts into groups so you can send e-mail to everyone in a group with a single click. The Snow Leopard Address Book makes it easy to create an e-mail group, [more…]

How to Use Apple Mail on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac Snow Leopard offers Apple Mail as an email application. The Mail icon resides in the Dock; click it to open the Mail window. Besides the familiar toolbar, which naturally carries buttons specific to [more…]

How to Add an Apple Mail Account on Snow Leopard

By default, Mac OS X Snow Leopard's Mail application already includes one (or more) accounts when you first run it, depending on the information you entered when you installed Snow Leopard. But you can [more…]

How to Create Smart Groups in Snow Leopard’s Address Book

Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Address Book provides you with a method of organizing your cards into groups. A group usually consists of folks with a common link, such as your family, friends, co-workers, and [more…]

How to Receive and Read Apple Mail on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

After you set up an email account on your Mac OS X Snow Leopard (or select an account from the Accounts list), you can check for mail messages to read. To check for messages and read them, follow these [more…]

How to Reply to an Apple Mail Message with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Just receiving emails is only half the fun. Mac OS X Snow Leopard makes replying to Apple Mail messages simple. You can format your replies with different fonts and colors and add attachments. To reply [more…]

How to Send an E-Mail with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard includes the Apple Mail application for sending and receiving email. Before you send your email, you have plenty of ways to format the text and add attachments. To compose and send [more…]

How to Save an E-Mail Attachment in Apple Mail

Mac OS X Snow Leopard includes the Apple Mail application. Because attachments are an easy way to transfer files through e-mail, you need to know how to save an attachment so you can access it again later [more…]

How to Customize Apple Mail in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard makes it easy to customize the Apple Mail application. You can add sound, check mail automatically, and more. For example, you may want to change some of these Mail settings: [more…]

How to Add a Signature to Your Apple Mail E-Mails

The Apple Mail application included with Mac OS X Snow Leopard lets you add a signature to your emails. To add a block of text or a graphic to the bottom of your messages as your personal signature, follow [more…]

How to Create Apple Mail Rules

Mac OS X Snow Leopard lets you create email rules — automated actions that Mail can take based on what is included in the email. With rules, you can specify that actions, such as transfering messages from [more…]

How to Configure iChat in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

By default, iChat uses the MobileMe account that you set up when you first installed Mac OS X. In this case, your MobileMe account name and password are entered automatically for you, and you’re good to [more…]

How to Change iChat Availability Modes in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard uses the iChat application for you chatting needs. iChat includes modes such as Available, Online, Offline, and Away, so you can let your chat buddies know whether you are available [more…]

How to Add an iChat Buddy in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

iChat is Mac’s chatting application. You can add anyone you want to chat with as a Buddy. iChat keeps track of your Buddies in the Buddy list. You can also add them to your Address Book or use the AIM [more…]

How to Chat in Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s iChat Application

Mac OS X Snow Leopard offers the iChat application for instant messaging. You can view who is in a chat already in progress and join a group of people chatting, or initiate a chat with available Buddies [more…]

How to Share Screens Remotely on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard offers screen sharing, which lets you watch (or even remotely control) the display on another person’s Mac across any broadband Internet or local network connection! Sharing screens [more…]


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