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Mac Application Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Macintosh application development requires creativity, Objective-C programming skills, some patience, and a nice helping of persistence to implement, refine, and deliver your Macintosh application in good [more…]

The Techie Side of Disk Utility

Whereas most Mac users don’t even break a sweat when they fire up Disk Utility in order to repair damaged disks or fix bungled permissions, some of Disk Utility’s capabilities are downright scary for the [more…]

10 Best Dashboard Widgets for Your Mac

Dashboard widgets on your Mac are a reflection of your busy lives. Mac Dashboard widgets get you the information you want, now. Still, Mac widgets under Mountain Lion are now taking second fiddle to the [more…]

Safari's Web Browsing Tools

As with any software, you can get the most out of Safari web browser when you're familiar with the tools it offers. Here’s where to find each tool and give you a general idea of each tool's purpose. [more…]

How to Use Safari Reader on Your Mac

If Safari perceives a readable article on the page you are viewing, the Reader button is active in the Search and Address field, and you have the option to open the article in Reader. [more…]

How to Use Tabbed Browsing in Safari

When you want to keep track of more than one website on your Mac while browsing a second, third, or fourth site, you could open two (or three or four) separate browser windows with Safari. However, here’s [more…]

How to Manage Tabs in Safari

Mac’s Web browser, Safari, can manage multiple tabs when browsing. When you open multiple tabbed windows, as shown, you can rearrange how they’re ordered, close them, or save a group of tabs as a bookmark [more…]

How to Set Your Safari Home Page in 5 Steps

The first time you open Safari on your Mac, the Apple website appears because it’s set as the default home page. Subsequent times you open Safari, the website you were browsing when you last closed or [more…]

How to Use Bookmarks on Your Mac

You can use Safari on your Mac just to browse new websites and read articles at the moment you find them, but that doesn’t take advantage of all Safari can do to help you manage your web browsing adventure [more…]

How to Add Bookmarks in Safari

By default, Safari comes with several bookmarks already placed on the Favorites bar and Bookmarks menu, all of which you see in Bookmarks on the Sidebar. You’ll probably want to add your own choices to [more…]

How to Store Bookmarks in Folders on Safari

After you save many bookmarks on your Safari browser on your Mac, they can start to clutter the Bookmarks menu or Favorites bar. To organize your bookmarks, you can store related bookmarks in folders. [more…]

How to Rearrange or Delete Bookmarks

Safari saves your bookmarks and bookmark folders in the order you create them, adding them to the bottom of an ever-growing list. If you continue to add bookmarks to the Bookmarks menu without placing [more…]

How to Search for Websites with Safari

The real power of using your Mac and the web is searching for, and finding, websites you don't know the address for. Whether you want to find the website for a specific company or person or more general [more…]

Skip Backing Up Files on Mac Time Machine

Unless you specify otherwise, Time Machine backs up everything on your Mac to which your account has access except temporary files, such as your web browser’s cache. To save space, you can identify certain [more…]

Retrieve Files and Folders from Mac Time Machine

Mac’s backup application, Time Machine, takes snapshots of your Mac’s storage drive so that you can view its exact condition from two hours ago, two weeks ago, two months ago, or even further back. But [more…]

Mac Time Machine: Recover Data from within an Application

To use Time Machine to retrieve a specific piece of information from within an app (such as an address card from your Mac’s Contacts app), follow these steps: [more…]

Mac Time Machine: Retrieve Files and/or Folders with Finder

The Time Machine for Mac restore app enables you to use the Finder window to retrieve files, folders, or a combination of both. Just follow these steps: [more…]

Restore Your Entire Backup with Time Machine for Mac

If your system or startup disk is damaged, you may have to restore your entire backup to your Mac. If you use Time Machine, you’re worry free. Here’s how to restore your Mac with Time Machine: [more…]

How to Encrypt Data on Your Mac with FileVault

Encryption physically scrambles your files on your Mac so that even if people can access your files, they can’t open or edit them unless they know the correct password. When you use FileVault, your Mac [more…]

How to Set Up Your Mac Time Machine

Mac’s backup application, Time Machine, takes snapshots of your Mac’s storage drive so that you can view its exact condition from two hours ago, two weeks ago, two months ago, or even further back. [more…]

How to Use the Map App on Your Mac

The Maps app on your Mac is handy whether you need help finding your way around an unfamiliar place or are wondering whether there’s a better route. The Maps app that came to the Mac with the Mavericks [more…]

The Benefits of the Mac Messages App

On the Mac, the Messages app is useless without one more essential component: at least one other person with whom to schmooze. So, be prepared to compile your list of contacts. [more…]

How to Add Buddies and Groups to Your Mac Messages App Buddy List

Though you don’t have to use the buddy list for all your friends and contacts on your Mac, it can be helpful. To summon your list of Buddies, choose Window→Buddies. [more…]

How to Use the Messages App Buddies List to Chat on Your Mac

The iMessage service lets you send and receive free and secure messages on your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with folks who have one or more of these devices. They’ll either get your message on their [more…]

How to Communicate Your Online Status with the Mac Messages App

Want to find out if your buddy is able to chat? With Mac iMessages, you’ll mostly be able to tell whether your buddies are online at the moment and willing to give you the time of day. Here’s how: [more…]


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