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MacBook Basics

How to Set Up OS X El Capitan on Your MacBook

After you start your MacBook for the first time — or if you just upgraded from OS X Yosemite — your laptop will launch El Capitan Setup automatically. The setup process takes care of a number of tasks: [more…]

MacBook Basics

The El Capitan Desktop on Your MacBook

The El Capitan Desktop in your MacBook isn’t made of wood, and you can’t stick your gum underneath. However, this particular desktop does work much like the surface of a traditional desk. You can store [more…]

MacBook Basics

Where the Heck Are the Mouse Buttons on My MacBook?

El Capitan takes a visual approach to everything on your MacBook. The OS X Desktop is designed for point-and-click convenience, because the trackpad is your primary navigational tool while you’re using [more…]

MacBook Basics

Multi-Touch and Force Click on Your MacBook

Today’s crop of MacBooks has the smartest trackpads on the planet! That’s because Apple’s latest mice and trackpads include two features. Multi-Touch allows you to control the view of a document by using [more…]

MacBook Basics

Launching and Quitting Applications on Your MacBook with El Capitan

Now it’s time to pair your trackpad acumen with the El Capitan Finder window on your MacBook. Follow along with this simple exercise. Move the pointer over the iTunes icon in the Dock. [more…]