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How to Set Up OS X El Capitan on Your iMac

After you start your iMac for the first time — or if you just upgraded from an earlier version of OS X — your iMac will likely automatically launch the El Capitan setup procedure. The setup process takes [more…]


An Overview of Your iMac’s El Capitan Desktop

The El Capitan Desktop on your iMac isn’t made of wood, and you can’t stick your gum underneath. However, this particular desktop does work much like the surface of a traditional desk. You can store things [more…]


Where Are the Mouse Buttons on My iMac?

El Capitan takes a visual approach to everything. Your iMac is designed for point-and-click convenience. That’s because the mouse (or trackpad) are your primary navigational tools while you’re using your [more…]


How to Customize the Dock on Your iMac

In terms of importance, the Dock — the quick-access strip for applications and documents that appears on your iMac’s Desktop — ranks right up there with the command center of a modern nuclear submarine [more…]


How to Activate Split View on Your iMac

From time to time, the full-screen view drove iMac owners bonkers — that’s because full-screen view restricted you to displaying a single application window. Sure, you could open multiple applications [more…]