Types of Home Networks

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How to Access Network Printers from Your Laptop

Printers can be connected to other computers on the network, or they can dwell on the network directly. Either way, after your laptop is on the network, it can access those other computers. [more…]

How to Connect Your Laptop to a Peer-to-Peer Workgroup

For small networking operations, you can connect your laptop to a peer-to-peer network. This includes everything from a home office that has only one other computer to a smaller company that doesn't need [more…]

Wireless versus Wired Computer Networking

Other than the transmission method (obviously, one network involves wires and the other is wireless), here are the three major differences between a wired network and a wireless network: [more…]

The Bluetooth Wireless Network Standard

Bluetooth isn’t a network standard for full-scale wireless Ethernet networking. Instead, Bluetooth was developed as a specialized wireless technology for short distances. You can use Bluetooth with cell [more…]

The Different Wireless PC Network Standards

Wireless networking suffers from competition between different standards — some network standards are compatible with others, and some aren’t. And wireless networking has a handful of the most confusing [more…]

AC and Phone line Computer Networking

You can build a network by either using the existing standard AC power wiring (a power line network) or the telephone wiring (a phone line network) in your home. Both these alternative wired networks have [more…]

Setting Up a Virtual Private Network on Your Windows 7 Home Network

With Windows 7, you can set up a virtual private network (VPN) over a secure Internet connection, enabling you to connect to your home network from a remote location. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel [more…]

The Hardware Needed for Basic Ethernet Networks

Following are the basic hardware requirements of any small Ethernet network. One benefit of Ethernet networks is their simplicity. You don’t need a degree in Advanced Thakamology to install your network [more…]

Install or Uninstall Add-Ins on Windows Home Server

Microsoft made it easy for developers to install new applications on your Windows Home Server server — as long as you know the server's password. If you find a new Windows Home Server add-in that you really [more…]

6 Ways You Can Maximize Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server rates as more than an operating system, it's a platform (according to Microsoft). To get the most out of Windows Home Server, be sure to [more…]

10 Warnings about Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server has great features and covers some very important bases such as back up and restore, folder sharing, and remote access. But Windows Home Server doesn't try to cover [more…]

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