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How to Configure VPN in Lion Server

The Server app in Lion Server automates the configuration of a VPN service, but doesn’t give you many options. The Server app allows you to easily do four things: [more…]

How to Configure Lion Server VPN Clients

Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS devices can all connect to your network through Lion Server’s VPN. Mac OS X clients and iOS devices can take advantage of Profile Manager for getting VPN configuration information [more…]

Virus Protection for Your Lion Server and Clients

Lion Server has a few built in anti-virus tools, but if you want to ensure full and complete protection for your Lion Server and its clients, you might try [more…]

Common Sense Security Tips for Wired Networks

Folks with wired home networks are often pretty doggone smug about their computer security because a connection to your network can occur only over a wired port or over the Internet. [more…]

Ensure Security on Your Wireless Network

If you’re adding a wireless network to your home or office, security should be your first consideration before you send a single packet over the airwaves. First, if you’re shopping for wireless hardware [more…]

The Magic of Virtual Private Networking

For a virtual private networking the emphasis, of course, is on the words private and secure. (It’s one thing to have access to your files from across the country, but giving that same access to an interested [more…]


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