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Firewall Shopping Checklist

When you’re shopping for a firewall to protect your computer and the information on it, you want the firewall hardware and/or software to be effective and appropriate for your needs and system. The following [more…]

Firewall-Friendly Web Sites

Installing a firewall is a security measure, but it’s just the first step. To maintain your security and your firewall, you have to stay vigilant. The links in the following list are to Web sites that [more…]

Ports, Protocols, and IP Address Ranges for Firewalls

If you’re building or installing a firewall to protect your computer and your data, basic information about Internet configurations can come in very handy. The following tables give you the facts on IP [more…]

Firewalls For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A firewall constructs a barrier between your computer and the Internet in an effort to safeguard your computer and the information in it. When you start looking to purchase the software or hardware that [more…]

Securing Your Wireless Network

Having adequate security should always be a priority when setting up a wireless network. Follow these tips to make sure no one can steal your Internet connection, or access your computers. [more…]

Troubleshooting Your Wireless Network

If you can’t seem to load any Web pages, it’s time to troubleshoot your wireless network. This checklist can help you figure out why your wireless network is broken. [more…]

Wireless All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Wireless technology can make your life easier, and it’s not just limited to saving you from getting up to answer the phone. You can free up space on your desk with a wireless keyboard and mouse, you can [more…]

Wireless LAN (Local Area Network) Glossary of Terms

Wireless LANs are just like any other technology in one way — they're full of acronyms and obscure jargon that make no sense to the average person who hasn't spent a lifetime in technology. Heck, even [more…]

Explore Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) Technologies

Most people just refer to their wireless LAN as Wi-Fi. Which is good — we like simple names that everyone knows. But Wi-Fi actually covers a range of technologies, all part of the IEEE 802.11 family of [more…]

How to Choose Wireless Home Networking Equipment

You don't need all that much to put together a wireless home network. The basics include a wireless base station (an access point — AP — or wireless home router) and appropriate wireless network adapters [more…]

Wireless Home Networking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Wireless networks let you connect all sorts of devices in your home — not just computers, but also printers, smartphones and tablet computers, storage servers, audio components, and even your television [more…]

Home Networking Categories on the Control Panel

The Control Panel is the aptly named nerve center for managing and controlling just about every important computer or network setting in Windows 7. With such a treasure trove of tools and utilities, it’s [more…]

Home Networking Hardware Requirements

Although setting up a home network isn’t necessarily an expensive or difficult project, you will need a few basic pieces of hardware to connect your computers, printers, gaming consoles, and assorted gadgets [more…]

High-Speed Internet Connection Types

Choosing the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) and selecting an appropriate level of Internet service (speed) for your home networking needs is an important decision. Most people generally don’t complain [more…]

Wireless Networking Standards

If you decide to go the wireless route for your home network, you’ll need to know a little bit about the different wireless standards that are available. Relax, despite all of the intimidating technical [more…]

Networking Terms and Their Meaning

Warning! Your computer has encountered a fatal error. Please contact your system administrator. Guess what? On your home network, you are the system administrator! It’s important that you know some basic [more…]

Home Networking Do-It-Yourself For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Home networks allow you to easily share resources with others. These resources may include computers, Internet access, shared files and folders, printers, and much more. Get the most out of your home network [more…]

Wireless Network Glossary

Don’t let the techno jargon of wireless networking worry you. Take some to study its language and acronyms and you’re on your way to understanding the components of wireless networking and making the most [more…]

Wireless Security Standards

The convenience of wireless networks is also the greatest risk to security. Wireless networks can’t be contained inside your office or house like a wired network, so they’re more vulnerable to a network [more…]

Wireless Network Hacks and Mods For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Before you set up a wireless home network, read through a list of terms to understand the language and elements of the wireless networking. Keeping your personal information and data secure is a top priority [more…]

Selecting a Router or Switch for a Home Network

Building a home networking system requires basic hardware: a router, switch (or hub), network adapters, and network cables. If you’re building a wired home network, you'll need to know what types of networking [more…]

Network Adapters for Home Networking

Computers and other devices require a network adapter (or network interface card, NIC) to connect to and communicate on a network. Most desktop and laptop computers sold today have a built-in network adapter [more…]

What Kind of Cables Should I Use in my Home Network?

A key component in wired home networks is — wires! More correctly, cables. Twisted-pair Ethernet cable is the most common type of home network wiring used today [more…]

Installing a Cable Modem or DSL Router on a Home Network

When installing a cable modem or DSL router on your home network, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will most likely provide the equipment and instructions you’ll need to quickly and easily get started [more…]

Planning Your Wireless Home Network

Wireless (or Wi-Fi) home networks are common now, due to their ease of setup, convenience, and low cost. Planning and building a wireless home network can be as simple as buying a wireless access point [more…]


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