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Ensure Security on Your Wireless Network

If you’re adding a wireless network to your home or office, security should be your first consideration before you send a single packet over the airwaves. First, if you’re shopping for wireless hardware [more…]

The Magic of Virtual Private Networking

For a virtual private networking the emphasis, of course, is on the words private and secure. (It’s one thing to have access to your files from across the country, but giving that same access to an interested [more…]

Install or Uninstall Add-Ins on Windows Home Server

Microsoft made it easy for developers to install new applications on your Windows Home Server server — as long as you know the server's password. If you find a new Windows Home Server add-in that you really [more…]

6 Ways You Can Maximize Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server rates as more than an operating system, it's a platform (according to Microsoft). To get the most out of Windows Home Server, be sure to [more…]

10 Warnings about Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server has great features and covers some very important bases such as back up and restore, folder sharing, and remote access. But Windows Home Server doesn't try to cover [more…]

Windows Home Server For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you have a home or small-business network, then try Windows Home Server to manage folders, back up data, stream media, and more. Windows Home Server can save the day if one of your personal PCs hiccups [more…]

Networking Jargon at a Glance

This list of frequently used networking terms may seem like a foreign language to you now, but they are terms you'll need to know as you set up your home network. [more…]

Important Information to Know about Your Network Computers

A time may come when one of the computers on your home network goes down, and you have to reconnect the network settings. Rebuilding your network settings is a lot easier if you don’t have to start from [more…]

Important Information about Your Network Printers

If you have a home network, a day will come when you really need to know about toner and shared resources. Print and fill out this form and you'll have all you need to know in once place. Simplify your [more…]

Home Networking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Setting up your first home network will be easy once you understand the terms and lingo associated with home networking. Keep some basic information about your network computers and network printers handy [more…]

For Seniors: Tablet Buying Decisions: Wireless or 3G Internet?

Tablets offer two ways to go online: wirelessly or through a 3G (cellular) connection. Your Internet connection choice affects not only your overall cost but also the convenience and reliability of the [more…]

Wireless Network Hardware in Windows 8

After you install your wireless base station or WAP for your Windows 8 network, you’re ready to configure your PC for use on your network. [more…]

How to Improve Wireless Network Performance

The tips in this video show how to improve the network range and reception of a wireless (WiFi) network. By removing or avoiding interference, changing router settings, and updating the driver for the [more…]

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