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Saving Selections in Adobe Photoshop CS5

The term alpha channel sounds complicated, but it’s simply a saved selection. Depending on the mode you’re in, you already have several channels to contend with. A selection is just an extra channel that [more…]

Make Freeform Selections in Photoshop CS5

In Photoshop Creative Suites 5, the Lasso tool is used for making freeform selections (selections of an irregular shape). To use the Lasso tool, just drag and create a path surrounding the area to be selected [more…]

Paint Photoshop Selections with the Magic Wand Tool

The Magic Wand tool in Photoshop Creative Suites 5 is particularly helpful when you’re working on an image of high contrast or with a limited number of colors. This tool selects individual pixels of similar [more…]

Use Zoom in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe Creative Suite 5 provides short cuts for Zooming in Photoshop. Images that look fine at one zoom level may look extremely bad at another. You’ll zoom in and out quite often while working on images [more…]

Discover the InDesign CS5 Tools Panel

The Adobe InDesign Creative Suite 5 Tools panel is where you find tools to edit, manipulate, or select elements in your InDesign document. Simply click a tool on the Tools panel to select it. [more…]

Discover the InDesign CS5 Menus

The Adobe InDesign Creative Suite 5 menus, located on the menu bar, are used to access some of InDesign's main commands and control its user interface. These menu commands also allow you to open and close [more…]

Discover the InDesign CS5 Panels

In the InDesign Creative Suite 5 workspace, panels are used to control the publication and edit elements on pages. Panels are located (docked) along the right edge of the InDesign window by default. [more…]

Common Menus in Adobe CS5

Common Adobe Creative Suite 5 Menu Options

Adobe Bridge Application in CS5

In Creative Suite 5, Adobe has dramatically enhanced the Adobe Bridge application and even included a mini panel version for Photoshop CS5 named, appropriately, Mini Bridge. The [more…]

Learn What’s New in InDesign CS5

Adobe InDesign Creative Suite 5 (CS5) has lots of new features for creating web pages and interactive documents that used to be created only in Flash or Dreamweaver. In addition, you'll find selecting [more…]

New Features of InDesign CS5

Every new version of Adobe InDesign Creative Suite 5 brings new features and new possibilities, and InDesign CS5 is no exception. The ability to track changes to an InDesign document, for example, opens [more…]

Create a New InDesign CS5 Publication

Adobe InDesign Creative Suite 5 can be used to create all sorts of new publications: newsletters, books, and magazines; and HTML pages and PDF documents with interactivity or videos. After you launch InDesign [more…]

Tour the InDesign CS5 Workspace

The Adobe InDesign Creative Suite 5 workspace, or user interface, is efficiently and intuitively designed. Like the other CS5 applications, InDesign has a standardized layout. [more…]

Create Text Frames in InDesign CS5

Text frames contain any text you add to an InDesign Creative Suite 5 publication. You can create a new text frame in an InDesign CS5 publication in many different ways: with the Type tool, Frame tool, [more…]

Import Text into an InDesign CS5 Publication

You can import text into an InDesign Creative Suite 5 publication you’ve created or edited using other software. Importing edited text into InDesign is a typical workflow activity because using dedicated [more…]

Snap to a Grid or Guide in InDesign CS5

With grids and guides, you can align objects precisely in InDesign Creative Suite 5. When you move an object close to a grid or guide, the object snaps to it, aligning it precisely. [more…]

Text, Font, and Frames in an InDesign CS5 Publication

Most InDesign Creative Suite 5 publications contain text, placed inside frames. Because your InDesign CS5 documents will probably contain text, it’s important to know how to format, style, and control [more…]

Make a Selection in Adobe CS5 Illustrator

In Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Adobe CS5) Illustrator the process of making selections has many options supported by the Smart Guide tool. These options include individual or multiple selection, anchor points [more…]

Bitmap and Vector Images in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Photoshop Creative Suite 5’s ability to use both bitmap and vector images gives you, as a designer, incredible opportunities when combining the two technologies. You may have already discovered that Photoshop [more…]

Change Your Preferences in CS5

How to Use the Synchronized Workspace in CS5

When to Use Adobe CS5 Illustrator

By using Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Adobe CS5) Illustrator rather than Photoshop, you gain several benefits. You may have heard that Illustrator is better for vector graphics, but why and what else does it [more…]

Create New Documents in Adobe CS5 Illustrator

Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Adobe CS5) Illustrator is a powerful tool to create artwork but you need to start somewhere. To create a new document in Illustrator, follow these steps: [more…]

The Adobe CS5 Illustrator Work Area

To investigate the work area and become truly familiar with Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Adobe CS5) Illustrator, open a document and take a look around. In the Illustrator work area, a total of 227 inches in [more…]


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