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Blender For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When it comes to Blender, you can save time in many ways. Memorizing common mouse actions and numeric keypad hotkeys in Blender or common keyboard hotkeys in Blender’s 3D View help you work more efficiently [more…]

Change InDesign CS5 Document Setup

After creating an InDesign Creative Suite 5 document, you can still make changes to its original document setup. To change the size of pages or the number of pages in an InDesign CS5 document that’s already [more…]

Show and Hide InDesign CS5 Grids and Guides

In InDesign Creative Suite 5, grids and guides help you align elements on the page. Grids and guidelines can be shown (displayed) or hidden as needed. Grids and guides are similar, except that grids are [more…]

Save a Custom Workspace in InDesign CS5

The panels in InDesign Creative Suite 5 are used to edit page elements. Save the location and grouping of these panels in a custom workspace.

You may find that you use some panels in InDesign CS5 more than [more…]

Import Graphics into a InDesign CS5 Publication

The content you use when creating publications with InDesign Creative Suite 5 is mostly imported from other programs. You can import text, formatted tables, and graphics, then use InDesign to organize, [more…]

Change Your View of an InDesign CS5 Publication

You can view elements of an InDesign Creative Suite 5 publication in many ways, such as scrolling, zooming, and simply moving the page back and forth.

Change the view of your InDesign publication to fit [more…]

Save an InDesign CS5 Publication

Saving a InDesign Creative Suite 5 publication often is important so that you don’t lose any work if your computer or software crashes or the power goes out. Even the best computers and applications fail [more…]

Change Text Frame Options in an InDesign CS5 Publication

After creating an InDesign Creative Suite 5 text frame, you can easily change the text frame's options (inset spacing, alignment, or paragraph spacing) if you like. [more…]

Add Columns to an InDesign CS5 Text Frame

Columns can be added to any text frame in an InDesign Creative Suite 5 publication. As many as 40 columns can be inserted in a single text frame. If you already have text in a frame, the text is automatically [more…]

Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) Design Premium

With the Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5) Design Premium release, you get not only the tools you need to be creative for print and the web but also Adobe Fireworks, to make websites more attractive than ever [more…]

How to Use Filters and Plug-Ins in CS5

You can install plug-ins and filters in your Adobe Creative Suite programs. For example, a filter can enhance an existing photo in an exciting way. After you install into Photoshop or Illustrator a plug-in [more…]

Choosing a Web Page Layout in CS5

Layout for the web in Adobe Creative Suite 5 is quite different from layout for print. However, many of the same issues arise in both print and web layout, such as keeping text legible and flowing across [more…]

Choose a Printer to Work with CS5

Printers for your Creative Suite projects can differ greatly in the areas of quality, cost of maintenance, and the speed at which the printer can print. Some inkjet printers excel at printing full-color [more…]

Where and How to Print in CS5

You can choose from several options when it comes to printing the files you create in Adobe Creative Suite. You can take your digital files to a printing service provider [more…]

Paper for Your CS5 Documents

Before printing your Creative Suite 5 documents, consider the type of paper that’s best for the job. If you’re printing on glossy paper, make sure that the paper works with your printer type. Although [more…]

Common Extensions and Filters in CS5

Additional filters and plug-ins for Adobe Creative Suite 5 are available or linked from the Adobe website. You can also easily find plug-ins for downloading from the web. A good place to start is at the [more…]

Navigate the Illustrator Work Area with Zoom Controls

You can navigate the work area of Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe CS5) Illustrator efficiently by using the Hand tool and the various zoom controls. You can change the magnification of the artboard in several [more…]

Open an Image in Adobe Photoshop CS5

When using Photoshop Creative Suite 5, you usually have a source image that may have been generated by a scanner, digital camera, or stock image library. You can open an existing image in one of several [more…]

Use Camera Raw Files with Photoshop CS5

If you haven’t discovered the Camera Raw capabilities in Adobe Photoshop, you’ll want to give them a try. The Camera Raw format is available for image capture in many cameras. Simply choose the format [more…]

Crop an Image in Adobe Photoshop CS5

Cropping an image in Photoshop Creative Suite 5 is a simple but essential task. Cropping means to eliminate all parts of the image that aren’t important to its composition. [more…]

Choose the Correct Photoshop Mode: LAB, Multichannel, Bit Depth

Choose Image→Mode to view image mode choices available in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Selecting the right one for an image is important because each mode offers different capabilities and results. [more…]

How to Import and Export into Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator lets you place images and other forms of data in a new document. Importing files works similarly, no matter which Creative Suite 5 program you’re working with. [more…]

How to Import and Export in Acrobat

Although you sometimes import and export files to and from Adobe Acrobat, it is primarily a tool for sharing completed documents — you’ll complete most document construction and editing in other programs [more…]

The Fundamentals of Page Layout in CS5

Page layout incorporates text and images (and sometimes other forms of multimedia) to create a design on a web page in Adobe Creative Suite 5. When you’re creating a page design, you must consider how [more…]

How to Mix Colors in CS5

A color mixer, found in the Color panel, helps you choose colors. You can use the Eyedropper tool to choose a color or, if you prefer, enter values for each hue or percentage. You can use one of several [more…]

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