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Basics of Tuning and Tuning Costs in Oracle 12c

Having the right approach and a good plan helps reduce the time spent identifying and fixing an Oracle 12c database performance problem. Just like tackling any kind of problem in life, learning from the [more…]

How to Tune the Oracle 12c Database Before Something Goes Wrong

Benjamin Franklin thought an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure. This saying can be applied to tuning your Oracle 12c database. At today’s prices, a pound of cure comes with a pretty hefty price [more…]

How to Tune Your Oracle 12c Database After a Problem Occurs

Unfortunately, no matter how much preparation and configuration you do before you deploy your Oracle 12c database, someday a performance problem will arise. Performance tuning is one of the more difficult [more…]

Basics of User and Directory Requirements for Oracle 12c

On UNIX- and Linux-based systems, including Oracle 12c, the software is installed and configured as a specific user and group. In most cases, the user is called [more…]

Basics of the Insert, Update, and Delete Statements in Oracle 12c

To add rows to your Oracle 12c database, you use the INSERT statement. An INSERT statement acts on one table at a time. The INSERT statement has three clauses, of which one is optional: [more…]

How to Program with PL/SQL in Oracle 12c

There are several different ways to work within your Oracle 12c database to manipulate your data. PL/SQL is a structured query language (SQL) with more powerful programmatic contructs built around your [more…]

Viewing Objects and Data with the DESCRIBE and SELECT Statements in Oracle 12c

Perhaps the most common statements you will run in your Oracle 12c database as a Database Administrator (DBA) are the DESCRIBE and SELECT commands. After all, a big part of your job will be researching [more…]

Popular Command-Line Executables for Oracle Tools

Many tasks that you need to complete in Oracle can’t be completed through the GUI. Some tasks can only be performed by actually typing in the necessary command. These command prompt executables gives you [more…]

SQL Commands You Can Use in Oracle

SQL is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)standard for communicating with relational database systems. You can use SQL to communicate with Oracle. Consider SQL to be the language that Oracle [more…]

Oracle 11g For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Oracle 11g is by far the most robust database software on the market today. It has become an enterprise architecture standard for managing data, regardless of the data’s size or complexity. These SQL commands [more…]


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