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Basics of Oracle 12c's Flashback Database

You could argue that moving the database forward and back with Oracle 12c Recovery Manager with good backups is possible. However, restoring a large database to a previous point is time-consuming and tedious [more…]

How to Compress Data in Oracle 12c

Database Administrators (DBAs) spend a lot of their time and effort compressing data for retention and archiving. In Oracle 12c databases, compression is the act of taking data in your database and applying [more…]

Basics of Oracle 12c’s Flashback Data Archive

Oracle 12c’s Flashback Data Archive is a database mechanism that allows you to periodically or indefinitely store all row versions in a table over its lifetime. You can then choose a time to view the data [more…]

Basics of Oracle 12c’s Database Replay

The Oracle 12c Database Replay feature evolved as a solution for the need to be able to do realistic application testing. Before Database Replay, if you wanted to test any kind of changes against performance [more…]

How to Unplug and Plug In Your Pluggable Database in Oracle 12c

The activity covered here focuses on the actual pluggable part of the Pluggable Database (PDB) that you can use with Oracle 12c. You may want to move your PDBs around for a number of reasons. For example [more…]

How to Navigate Multitenant Architecture in Oracle 12c

A big difference with working in a multitenant architecture is how you connect to your Oracle 12c databases. Because there is only one System Global Area [more…]

How to Create New Pluggable Databases in Oracle 12c

You can create new Pluggable Databases (PDBs) in Oracle 12c with traditional Structured Query Language (SQL) or with the Database Configuration Assistant [more…]

Basics of Multitenant Architecture and Pluggable Databases in Oracle 12c

One of the most talked about new features of Oracle 12c is multitenant databases. They have also come to be known as pluggable databases. If you haven’t heard about the cloud, you must have been living [more…]

Basic Tools to Use to Manage a Real Application Clusters Installation in Oracle 12c

Oracle 12c supplies several tools for managing a Real Application Cluster (RAC) installation. Some of the tools are RAC specific, but others are also for non-RAC databases. All the tools for both RAC and [more…]

How to Prepare for a Real Application Clusters Install in Oracle 12c

Each OS has its own configuration for a Real Application Cluster (RAC) install to use with Oracle 12c databases. It’s virtually impossible to cover everything, but there are basics that can be covered [more…]

Basic Hardware Considerations for Real Application Clusters in Oracle 12c

Real Application Clusters (RAC) in conjunction with Oracle 12c databases have some special hardware requirements that single instance or non-RAC database don’t have. The hardware areas to focus on include [more…]

Basic Software Considerations for Real Application Clusters in Oracle 12c

Before you set up your Oracle 12c Real Application Clusters (RAC), investigate the software it needs to run smoothly. Consider the following areas of software. [more…]

Basics of Oracle 12c’s Real Application Clusters

If you’ve visited Oracle’s websites in the last 12 years, you’ve seen the marketing byline: “Unbreakable.” That tag line refers to the feature Real Application Clusters [more…]

Basics of Physical and Logical Standby Oracle 12c Databases

A physical standby database is a block-for-block copy of the primary Oracle 12c database. It is built off a backup of the primary site and is maintained by shipping and applying archive logs to the standby [more…]

Basics of Oracle 12c’s Data Guard

Data Guard is Oracle 12c’s true disaster protection technology. In it, you have a minimum of two databases, primary and standby. Data Guard has options for multiple standby sites as well as an [more…]

How to Run Oracle 12c’s SQL Tuning Advisor

Oracle 12c offers a useful utility called the SQL Tuning Advisor. You can use this built-in tool to provide suggestions or recommendations about certain SQL statements. Although it may not always give [more…]

How to Tune SQL in Oracle 12c

The biggest bang you are going to get in terms of performance tuning for your Oracle 12c databases is by having good Structured Query Language (SQL). Badly written SQL is predominantly the cause for most [more…]

How to Interpret STATSPACK Output in Oracle 12c

The report you get from running Oracle 12c STATSPACK Output will most likely be more than 50 pages, in text format, and saved in the directory you were in when you created the report. Believe it or not [more…]

How to Tune the Database in Oracle 12c

Tuning Structured Query Language (SQL) is just one aspect of Oracle 12c performance management. The database itself can also be configured and tuned for better performance. It is typical that SQL tuning [more…]

How to Secure and Audit Your Oracle 12c Database

Security is an especially important concern when dealing with anything relating to computers and the Internet. As an administrator of software applications like Oracle 12c, you are concerned with security [more…]

Basics of Oracle 12c Audits

Security is vital because you don’t want the wrong people looking at the Oracle 12c data and because you need to protect the data from being altered or corrupted. Auditing is one thing you can use for [more…]

How to Verify, View, and Turn Off Oracle 12c Audits

After you turn on auditing in the database, keep track of the audits that you enact so you know what you’ve done. Luckily, Oracle 12c provides a few views in the database to help you keep track of your [more…]

How to Take Snapshots with Oracle 12c's STATSPACK

The way to use Oracle 12c's STATSPACK is to bracket the performance problem by getting a snapshot before the issue begins and after the issue ends. This task can be tricky. You may not be able to predict [more…]

How to Use Oracle 12c’s Data Dictionary

Learning the in and out of the data dictionary is one of the most important things you can do to become a top-notch Oracle 12c Database Administrator (DBA). The [more…]

Basics of Batch Jobs, Audit Logs, and Maintenance Logs in Oracle 12c

Almost all companies there is some sort of nightly batch jobs that run against the database, including Oracle 12c databases. They range from loading data to generating reports to some sort of data processing [more…]

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