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Basic Threats to Your Oracle 12c Database

Before you can create guidelines to lower the risk of data loss and corruption in your Oracle 12c database or take the steps to recover your information quickly, you have to understand what you’re up against [more…]

How to Backup Files with Oracle 12c’s Recovery Management Backup Sets

Oracle 12c’s Recovery Management (RMAN) makes backing up your database a breeze. The examples in this section are hot backups to the Fast Recovery Area. [more…]

How to View Backup Information in Oracle 12c

Periodically you may want to view your Oracle 12c databases you have backed up to ensure that everything is in order and as expected. Use the LIST command to see what backups you have stored. You can list [more…]

Basics of Oracle 12c Archives

Archiving is the database’s ability to track all data changes. You can turn archiving on or off. Luckily, Oracle 12c has designed archiving to cause minimal overhead. In the end, the price is worth the [more…]

How to Enable and Maintain Oracle 12c Archives

If you haven’t already done so, enabling your system to archive your Oracle 12c is a very simple process. However, keep these things in mind: [more…]

How to Recover Your Oracle 12c Database

Many types of failures can befall your database. The Oracle 12c Recovery Manager (RMAN) is a tool that can help you get back on your feet after many of these failures. Sometimes it is the only option, [more…]

How to Troubleshoot with Your Oracle 12c System Methodology

If an Oracle 12c crash hasn’t happened to you yet, it will definitely happen eventually. When it does, it won’t be at a convenient time.

The problem is that people assume that because they have an Oracle-based [more…]

4 Basic Techniques to Troubleshoot Your Oracle 12c System Methodology

Your Oracle 12c database requires several systems on your computer to function in order to support the databases you create. Here are a few systems to check if you are experiencing problems with your database [more…]

How to Configure the Database Listener with Listener.ora in Oracle 12c

One important component of database processing is the listener process. The key file to the listener process in Oracle 12c is the listener.ora configuration file. This file identifies two things: [more…]

How to Perform 2 Basic Oracle 12c System Checks

You need to perform basic system checks to ensure the system is in a state that can support an Oracle 12c database. If the network is down, server is overloaded, or disk system has run out of space, your [more…]

How to Perform 3 Basic Oracle 12c Database Checks

There are several reasons your Oracle 12c database may hits a few road blocks before running smoothly. But don’t worry; there are easy fixes for these road blocks! Some of these reasons are related to [more…]

How to Perform a Complete Recovery of Your Oracle 12c Database

Complete recovery is what you want to shoot for. It means you recover every block and every transaction that was committed into the Oracle 12c database. You let Oracle take over and do the recovery until [more…]

Perform a Complete Recovery of an Oracle 12c Database without the Database Recovery Advisor

You shouldn’t rest on your laurels too much, so let’s look at a recovery without Oracle 12c’s Data Recovery Advisor (DRA). The DRA won’t help you in every situation. What if the file you need to restore [more…]

How to Recover Your Oracle 12c Database with Copies

Copies allow for superfast recovery of your Oracle 12c databases and fewer technical recoveries when you’ve lost a disk and the file has to go to a different location. [more…]

10 Oracle 12c Installation Do’s

Here are ten things you shouldn’t overlook when installing Oracle 12c. Getting off to a good start with a solid, proper installation is key to success. By recognizing the common pitfalls up front, you [more…]

How to Develop and Apply a Solution to Your Oracle 12c Errors

How do you fix a problem in your Oracle 12c database? Sometimes it is a simple command that is obvious even to the most inexperienced administrator. More commonly it is a multi-step operation that may [more…]

How to Troubleshoot with Your Oracle 12c Database Logs

You need to dive into the Oracle 12c logs themselves. Each database has a set of directories where key log, trace, and dump files are stored. [more…]

Basics of the Oracle 12c Database Alert Log

By far the most important file to review for an Oracle 12c database is the alert log. This file is where database-level errors are written and operations such as startup, shutdown, and other events are [more…]

Basics Oracle 12c Diagnostic Utilities

As a Database Administrator (DBA), you should be grounded in the fundamentals of how your Oracle 12c database works and where specific files are located. [more…]

Basics of the Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager Family

Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) became available in Oracle 7 and has gone through numerous changes since then to get to the Oracle 12c version. EM basically started as a desktop client and evolved into [more…]

Basics of the Configuration and Storage Pages in Oracle 12c’s Enterprise Manager

The Configuration page within Oracle 12c databases allows you to monitor and make some adjustments to initialization parameters and memory components. It also lets you view the database feature usage and [more…]

How to Navigate Oracle 12c’s Enterprise Manager Express

Oracle 12c’s Enterprise Manager (EM) Express main page, or the dashboard, gives you an idea of your database’s overall health. This is the way it looks when you first log in. [more…]

How to Create and Manage Enterprise Manager Database Express Users in Oracle 12c

In Oracle 12c’s Enterprise Manager (EM) Database Express, all users with the Database Administrator (DBA) or EM_EXPRESS_ALL roles are super users. This means that they can do almost anything in the tool [more…]

How to Use Flashback Query in Oracle 12c

Have you ever wanted a time machine? No such thing exists. Or does it? The Oracle 12c time machine known as Flashback lets you rewind, fast forward, and recover from situations with ease. [more…]

How to Use Oracle 12c’s Flashback Table

Very similar to Flashback Query is Oracle 12c’s Flashback Table. In fact, both are built on the same underlying technology. Flashback Table is capable of flashing back row changes or the entire table if [more…]

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