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Oracle Automatic Storage Management

Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) is a method for managing your storage needs in and outside the database. Yes, ASM does not only apply to database storage but can also be used as a clustered file [more…]

9 Online Oracle Resources

Being an Oracle professional requires constant education and research. One of the things any budding database administrator (DBA) should know is that having a brain chock-full of information and facts [more…]

Oracle 12c SQL Commands

Thousands of SQL commands exist in the Oracle database realm. Here are some that Database Administrators use daily. This list could differ for each Oracle database you use. [more…]

Daily Watchlist for Database Administrators

Database Administrators (DBAs) frequently check the health of the database in an organization. DBAs sometimes refer to these daily tasks as "keeping the lights on. [more…]

Command-Line Executables for Oracle Tools

Oracle has several command-line utilities. Here are the most common ones. If you aren’t sure about how to use them, try typing in the command with help [more…]

Oracle Database Login Chart

You should never write down passwords to your real Oracle databases. However, while learning and filling your brain with knowledge, forgetting your passwords for different functionalities should be the [more…]

Oracle 12c For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Knowing the most common tasks an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) encounters and what a DBA needs to monitor daily can help keep your database running and well-maintained. Master your common command-line [more…]

Environment Requirements to Start and Stop Oracle 12c Databases

Before starting or stopping an Oracle 12c database instance, a few environmental requirements must be met. These environment requirements get you logged in to the server as the correct user with the right [more…]

Basics of Oracle 12c

Many seasoned IT people agree that Oracle 12c makes the most advanced and reliable databases in the world. Your authors happen to agree with that opinion, too. Oracle offers several databases targeted [more…]

Basic Definitions of Databases and Instances in Oracle 12c

All this data needs to reside somewhere; specifically, within a database. Databases are complex software programs, like Oracle 12c, that catalog and provide access to data. Although the data is usually [more…]

How Oracle 12c Databases Work

Databases have evolved over the years but have stabilized into the relational model. Oracle 12c uses this model. A relational database management system [more…]

How to Keep a Database Safe and Sound: The Database Administrator in Oracle 12c

The person who installs and configures the Oracle 12c database, manages user access and accounts, ensures space for database objects, and (we hope) makes backups, among many other responsibilities, is [more…]

Basics of the System Global Area in Oracle 12c

The System Global Area (SGA) is a group of shared memory structures within Oracle 12c. It contains things like data and SQL. It is shared between Oracle background processes and server processes. [more…]

Basics of the Database Buffer Cache in Oracle 12c

Oracle 12c’s database buffer cache is typically the largest portion of the SGA. It has data that comes from the files on disk. Because accessing data from disk is slower than from memory, the [more…]

Basics of the Shared Pool in Oracle 12c

Certain objects and devices in Oracle 12c are used frequently. Therefore, it makes sense to have them ready each time you want to do an operation. Furthermore, data in the shared pool is never written [more…]

Basics of Automatic Memory Management in Oracle 12c

Memory management is an important component of working with instances in your database. Oracle 12c gives you three ways to manage the memory in your instance: [more…]

Basics of the Oracle 12c Background Process

In Oracle 12c, you can have over 200 background processes. It says “over 200” because it varies by operating system. If this sounds like a lot, don’t be scared. Many are multiples of the same process [more…]

User and Server Processes in Oracle 12c

When you start and initiate connections to the Oracle 12c instance, many processes are involved, including the component of the Oracle instance that uses the Oracle programs and the code to gain access [more…]

Basics of Data and Control Files in Oracle 12c

Many types of files are created with your Oracle 12c database. Some of these files are for storing raw data. Some are used for recovery. Some are used for housekeeping or maintenance of the database itself [more…]

Basics of Archive Log Files in Oracle 12c

Oracle 12c’s archive log files are simply copies of redo log files. They’re no different from redo log files except that they get a new name when they’re created. [more…]

Basics of Redo Log Files in Oracle 12c

Redo log files store the information from the log buffer in the Oracle 12c database. They’re written to by the Log Writer (LGWR). Again, you can’t read these binary files without the help of the database [more…]

Basics of Logical Structures in Oracle 12c

All the logical structures that you’ll see are in the database’s data files. Oracle 12c’s logical structures allow you to organize your data into manageable and, well, logical, pieces. [more…]

Basics of Multi-tier Applications in Oracle 12c

Oracle 12c realizes that multi-tier applicationsare the current industry standard and compose multiple web, application, and database servers providing content to thin clients with presentation via a web [more…]

Basics of Client-Server and Applications and Component Configurations in Oracle 12c

The Oracle 12c database doesn’t simply exist in isolation; it acts as part of a computer system. Before installing the Oracle software and configuring your database, you need to know how your database [more…]

How to Configure an Instance with PFILE and SPFILES in Oracle 12c

Certain files in the database can completely change the way your Oracle 12c database behaves. They can influence everything from performance and tuning as well as troubleshooting. Maintaining and configuring [more…]

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