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Juniper Expands Junos from Network OS to Full Platform

Juniper has expanded its Junos software portfolio beyond the operating system, adding new capabilities to link into the application space as well as client software for mobile and personal computing devices [more…]

How to Monitor Network Operations with Junos OS

Self-monitoring allows continuous feedback, capturing network-wide on down to highly granular views into device operations. This capability not only can alert you to issues, but also enables you to save [more…]

How to Log and Trace Events with Junos OS

The logging and tracing operations of Junos OS allow you to find out about events that occur in your device — normal operations, as well as error conditions. For fast resolution, use the following tools [more…]

How to Apply Onboard Automation with Junos OS

Junos automation is a broad suite of tools for automating the methods and procedures of operating a network. Automation can not only save your team time, it also helps to assure high performance in the [more…]

Overview of Juniper Network’s Junos Space

Junos Space provides multiple applications for operating your network. Among these are three tools specifically designed to automate and ease troubleshooting and maintenance activities for high network [more…]

How to Restart and Request System-wide Functions with Junos

The operational mode of Junos network operating system provides commands for restarting and resetting individual processes as well as rebooting the device and upgrading its system software. [more…]

Collapse Switching Layers with Junos to Optimize Switching Infrastructure

If your organization is consolidating or redesigning data centers, even building a new one, or modernizing your campus network, you may be thinking about new ways to optimize the switching infrastructure [more…]

Scale the Access Switching Layer with Junos

You may be looking for new ways to scale the access switching layer of your data center to support more servers. If so, you may find that migrating to Juniper Networks access switching solutions is not [more…]

Junos Network OS Features World-class Architecture

How engineers design a network operating system impacts the reliability, security, scalability and performance of not just the devices, but also the overall network, particularly in large-scale systems [more…]

The Function of the Three Planes of Junos Network OS

The architecture of the Junos operating system cleanly divides the functions of control, services, and forwarding into different planes. Each of the planes of Junos OS provides a critical set of functionality [more…]

The Many Benefits of Junos’ Modular Architecture

Have you had a router continually reboot, and on the console, you see an error occurred in a single nonessential process? With the Junos OS, you don’t see that problem. [more…]

Selection Questions to Ask a Network Equipment Vendor

Consider reviewing the software development processes of vendors as a part of your evaluation of new network and security equipment, because it can save you time and money down the road. Here are some [more…]

Routers that Run Junos

Juniper offers routing platforms running Junos for branch and regional offices, corporate sites and data centers, along with the metro, edge, and core sites of service provider networks. The decision of [more…]

Switches that Run Junos

Juniper offers a broad portfolio of switches running Junos to meet needs from the branch to the campus to the data center. The decision of what platform to use depends on where you’re deploying it, and [more…]

Security Devices that Run Junos

Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways meet the network and security requirements of data center consolidation and cloud offerings, branch integration projects, rapid managed services deployments [more…]

Use Good Safety Practices when Installing Network Equipment

The importance of following safety protocols can’t be overstated. If proper precautions are not taken, severe harm to personnel or the device can result. Follow these guidelines to ensure your safety and [more…]

How to Install Juniper Network Devices in a Rack

The first step in using any network device involves installing the hardware and software necessary for its operation. Devices that run the Junos OS vary in size and shape from very small [more…]

Connect Juniper Hardware to the Junos OS

After you install the hardware, you are ready to configure the Junos OS beyond the factory-default settings (which are not really adequate for real-world situations). To do this, you have to connect to [more…]

Make Faster Changes to the Junos OS Configuration

Junos OS has many helpful commands to shorten the time it takes to make changes in the existing configuration. Using rename, copy, replace, and insert commands in Command Line Interface [more…]

Archive and Restore Junos OS Configurations

When you activate a new configuration, the Junos OS software automatically keeps an archive of the previous active configuration. This automatic backup mechanism lets you return quickly to a previous configuration [more…]

How to Configure Junos OS Devices with J-web

Devices running Junos can be configured using the Command Line Interface (CLI) or the graphical user interface (GUI), J-web. While each option has individual strengths, there are some advantages to using [more…]

How to Configure System and Trace Logging in Junos

When something goes wrong on your Junos network, you need logs to help you identify and fix the problem. You can set up two types of logging on a Junos OS device to record events as they happen: [more…]

User Account Privilege Classes in Junos

When you create user accounts in Junos, you will want to associate that user with a privilege class. Four standard login privilege classes exist on a Junos OS device, each allowing its own set of authorized [more…]

How to Configure User Accounts in Junos

There are two ways that you can configure user accounts in Junos — manually on each device or using an authentication server. If you have a small number of devices and you don’t modify often, setting up [more…]

Configure the Management and Loopback Interfaces

The major characteristic of network devices is that they have network interfaces, and usually more than one. Routers can have literally hundreds and so can large switches. The Junos OS supports many types [more…]

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