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TCP/IP Definitions

Knowing your way around TCP/IP is key if you want to manage a network successfully. The definitions in the following list explain the basics, such as what an IP address is, and they also clarify the various [more…]

Top Benefits of Unified Messaging

Unified messaging provides a number of benefits for users to manage their businesses with accessible, interfaced electronic communication systems, such as e-mail, voice, messenger services. [more…]

Key Unified Messaging Features

The concept of unified messaging and the features it delivers vary from vendor to vendor, but in general these are some of the capabilities you can expect: [more…]

Unified Message Viewing Tools

With unified communications and the convergence of voicemail with e-mail and with the PC desktop, you have new ways to interact with voicemail messages. You're probably used to some sort of light on your [more…]

Unified Voicemail and E-Mail

Voicemail is an essential unified communications feature to have for a phone system. The capability to leave a voicemail is certainly better than having the phone ring indefinitely with no way to reach [more…]

Unified Message Sharing

Because unified messaging enables you to receive your voicemails and faxes embedded or attached to e-mails in a single, unified inbox, it also enables you to work with those message types any way you can [more…]

Information to Gather when Troubleshooting Telecom Systems

Every telecom system needs some troubleshooting now and again. If you're the troubleshooter, make your life easier by gathering certain information on every telecom job you called to. The following list [more…]

Information to Record about Your Telecom Carriers

If you're managing a telecom system, you have to keep track of a great deal of information, not the least of which is the local- and long-distance carriers you use. The following list shows you what to [more…]

Information to Record about Your Telecom Circuits

Telecom systems run on circuits, so to manage your telecom systems effectively, you need to keep track of the circuits and on the toll-free numbers associated with them. The following list shows you what [more…]

Information to Record about Your Phone System and Hardware

Working with telecommunications systems means knowing whom to call when your telecom system isn't functioning properly. Keep the information in the following lists on hand so you can get in touch with [more…]

Active Directory Components in Windows Server 2008

The range of Active Directory (AD) has expanded in Windows Server 2008 and has become an essential part of many information technology (IT) environments. Active Directory has become an umbrella for a multitude [more…]

Roles of the Active Directory Domain Controllers

Active Directory uses a multiple-master model, and usually, domain controllers (DCs) are equal with each other in reading and writing directory information. However, certain roles cannot be distributed [more…]

Active Directory Logical Design Checklist

Active Directory is part of a storage structure you design that provides organization of objects — like users, computers, groups, and an assortment of other objects — in your IT environment. Before you [more…]

Common Types of Domain Name Service Resource Records

A resource record is the basic data component in the Domain Name Service (DNS). DNS resource records define not only names and IP addresses but domains, servers, zone, and services as well. This list shows [more…]

Hardware Requirements for Windows Server 2008

Before you arrange and use Active Directory, you need to install the operating system Windows Server 2008. Start by making certain the hardware you plan to use as domain controllers is able to run the [more…]

Key Mac OS X Lion Server Information You Should Save

Complete information regarding every possible configuration for installing Mac OS X Lion Server would be overwhelming. Here's the core information that everyone should have written down somewhere, both [more…]

Ways to Log In Remotely to Mac OS X Lion Server

Mac OS X Lion Server provides several different ways to log on and manage the server from another computer, including from Windows and Linux computers. With all these methods, there is nothing to install [more…]

Common Port Numbers for Mac OS X Lion Server Services

Mac OS X Lion Server's unique services have some unique port numbers. The following table lists some of the more common default port numbers for configuring firewalls and router port-forwarding for Mac [more…]

Mac OS X Lion Server Keyboard Tips for Windows Users

You frequently use several keyboard and mouse actions in Mac OS X Lion Server's administration tools. Mac users will be familiar with these techniques, but they may be new to Windows users: [more…]

Junos for IOS Users

The Junos OS command line interface (CLI) has many built-in tools to guide you while you master its commands and structure. If you already know a command language for another network operating system, [more…]

Important Windows Server 2003 Net Commands

In Windows Server 2003, each of the command-line utilities (shown in the table) performs a useful NetBIOS networking function. For help on a specific Net command, enter either Net Help or Net Help <command> [more…]

Windows Server 2003 Administrative Tools

In Windows Server 2003, the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) hosts tools called MMC snap-ins. You can access these Windows Server 2003 administrative tools by either [more…]

Important TCP/IP Command-Line Utilities in Windows Server 2003

When you attach to the Internet, building a TCP/IP toolkit will help you troubleshoot if you run into network problems. Windows Server 2003 includes a collection of utilities to help you perform some useful [more…]

Windows Server 2003 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A few commands in Windows Server 2003 can monitor, configure, and troubleshoot your network. These functions can access programs through the administrative tools; use TCP/IP commands for internet-based [more…]

The Foundation of Service Management

Service management is about monitoring and optimizing a service to ensure that it meets the business service levels that customers value, business partners need and expect, and internal staff members require [more…]


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