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How Password Protected Files Can be Hacked

Do you wonder how vulnerable password-protected word-processing, spreadsheet, and Zip files are when users send them into the wild blue yonder? Wonder no more. Some great utilities can show how easily [more…]

How Keystroke Logging Can be Used to Hack Passwords

One of the best techniques for capturing passwords is remote keystroke logging — the use of software or hardware to record keystrokes as they’re typed into the computer. Interesting technique, but it works [more…]

How Network Analyzers Are Used to Hack Passwords

A network analyzer hacks passwords by sniffing the packets traversing the network. This is what the bad guys do if they can gain control of a computer, tap into your wireless network, or gain physical [more…]

Prevent Hacking with Password-Cracking Countermeasures

Taking some general countermeasures can prevent hacking of your important passwords. A password for one system usually equals passwords for many other systems because many people use the same passwords [more…]

How to Use Operating System Security to Prevent Getting Hacked

You can implement various operating system security measures to prevent hacks and ensure that passwords are protected. Regularly perform these low-tech and high-tech password-cracking tests to make sure [more…]

Tools to Prevent Network Hacking

As with all ethical hacking, your network security tests require the right tools — you need port scanners, protocol analyzers, and vulnerability assessment tools. Great commercial, shareware, and freeware [more…]

Prevent Network Hacking with Port Scanners

A port scanner prevents hacks by showing you what’s what on your network by scanning the network to see what’s alive and working. Port scanners provide basic views of how the network is laid out. They [more…]

Scan SNMP to Prevent a Hack of Your Network

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is built in to virtually every network device and can be a source of hacking. Network management programs (such as HP OpenView and LANDesk) use SNMP for remote [more…]

How Hackers Grab Banners to Penetrate Your Network

Banners are the welcome screens that divulge software version numbers and other system information on network hosts. This banner information might give a hacker the leg up because it may identify the operating [more…]

Prevent Hacks with Network Analyzers

A network analyzer is a tool that allows you to look into a network and prevent hacks by analyzing data going across the wire for network optimization, security, and/or troubleshooting purposes. A network [more…]

Ten Ways to Get Upper Management Buy-In to Hack Your Business

Dozens of key steps exist for obtaining the buy-in and sponsorship that you need to support your ethical hacking efforts. You may need to utilize them to get the backing you need. [more…]

Ten Reasons Hacking is the Best Way to Ensure Company Security

Ethical hacking is not just for fun or show. For numerous business reasons, ethical hacking is the only effective way to find the security vulnerabilities that matter in your organization. [more…]

Ten Deadly Mistakes to Avoid When You Hack Your Business

Several deadly mistakes can wreak havoc on your ethical hacking outcomes and even your career. Don’t fall victim! Here are some potential pitfalls that you need to be keenly aware of. [more…]

A Case Study in How Hackers Use Social Engineering

In this case study, Ira Winkler, a professional social engineer, graciously shared an interesting study about how to hack with social engineering. This is a prime example of how not paying attention can [more…]

A Case Study in How Hackers Use Windows Password Vulnerabilities

In this case study, Dr. Philippe Oechslin, an independent information security consultant, shared his recent research findings on how hackers can use Windows password vulnerabilities. This is good information [more…]

A Case Study in How Hackers Penetrate Network Infrastructures

Laura Chappell — one of the world’s leading authorities on network protocols and analysis — shared an interesting experience she about hacking had when assessing a customer’s network. This may help you [more…]

A Case Study on Hacks of Wireless Networks

Joshua Wright, a senior computer security consultant hired to try to hack a client’s wireless network, shared this story about wireless penetration testing and how the little things always seem to get [more…]

A Case Study in the Hacking of Web Applications

In this case study, Caleb Sima, a well-known application security expert, was engaged to hack a client’s web applications. This example of discovering a security risk is a good cautionary tale to help [more…]

A Case Study in Database Security Vulnerability

In this case study, Chip Andrews, an expert in SQL Server security, shared this experience of (ethically) hacking into a client database to uncover security flaws. This example provides a cautionary tale [more…]

How to Plan and Perform Hack Attacks

Think about how you or others will plan and perform a hack attack to maximize what you get out of it. Attack styles vary widely and understanding this will be helpful in protecting yourself: [more…]

How to Use Attack Tree Analysis to Prepare for an Ethical Hack

Attack tree analysis is the process of creating a flowchart-type mapping of how malicious attackers would attack a system. Attack trees are typically used in higher-level information risk analyses and [more…]

How to Use Footprinting to Plan an Ethical Hack

One way to begin planning an ethical hack on your business is through a process often called footprinting. Through footprinting, you see what others can see about your organization and systems. Here is [more…]

Tools to Scan Systems as Part of an Ethical Hack

Using scanning systems for ethical hacks can be a good way to gather information. Active information gathering produces more details about your network and helps you see your systems from an attacker’s [more…]

Assess Vulnerabilities with Ethical Hacks

If find potential security holes, the next step is to confirm whether they’re vulnerabilities in your system or network. Before you test, perform some manual searching. You can research hacker message [more…]

How Social Engineers Seek Information for Hacks

Once social engineers have a goal in mind, they typically start the attack by gathering public information about their victim(s). Many social engineers acquire information slowly over time so they don’t [more…]

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