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5 Ways to Test IT Disaster Recovery Plans

Testing is a natural part of the lifecycle for many technology development efforts: software, processes, and — yes — disaster recovery planning. Disasters don't occur very often so you seldom can clearly [more…]

10 Elements of an Interim IT Disaster Recovery Plan

If you don't have a fully detailed IT disaster recovery plan (DRP) right now, then implement an interim disaster recovery plan (IDRP) as you develop your long-term safety net. Sequester two or three experts [more…]

8 Parts of a Business-Impact Analysis in an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Use a business impact analysis to help determine which processes and systems warrant the expense and effort related to developing your IT disaster recovery plan. A [more…]

6 Parts of an Effective IT Disaster Recovery Plan

As you prepare to develop and document the IT disaster recovery plans for the components that support critical business processes, you should know what exactly goes into a DR plan, how to structure it, [more…]

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