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Specific Security Risks in the Hybrid Cloud Environment

Companies working in hybrid cloud environments must consider many types of security risks and governance considerations. Understanding security is a moving target. Education is key to ensuring that everyone [more…]

Developing a Secure Hybrid Cloud Environment

A thoughtful approach to security can succeed in mitigating many security risks in a hybrid cloud environment. To develop a secure hybrid environment, you must assess the current state of your security [more…]

Governance of the Hybrid Cloud: Risks and Expectations

An effective hybrid cloud security strategy requires enforcement and accountability. This is where governance comes in. Basically, governance is about applying policies — the organizing principles and [more…]

Defining Virtualization in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Virtualization separates resources and services from the underlying physical delivery environment in the hybrid cloud. With virtualization, you can create many virtual systems within a single physical [more…]

Managing Virtualization in Hybrid Cloud Environments

In a virtualized hybrid cloud environment, you’ll have a lot of individual pieces to manage. You’ll need to treat all resources together as though they were a single system, as opposed to an image here [more…]

Defining a Hybrid Cloud Service Level Agreement

In a hybrid cloud environment, a service level agreement(SLA) — a document between a service user and a service provider that defines uptime, availability, and performance — becomes more complicated than [more…]

The Evolution of Standards in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Standards are established common and repeatable practices that have been agreed upon by a business or group. Standards in a hybrid cloud environment are a work in progress, but they’re important because [more…]

Planning Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Planning a hybrid cloud strategy in a cloud computing environment is a journey, not a simple set of steps. The right planning strategy is imperative to getting your plan operational. You need to look at [more…]

Balancing Costs and Benefits When Planning Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

How you plan your hybrid cloud environment will be driven by economics. You therefore need to think in terms of balancing total costs and benefits, and whether those expenditures will be worthwhile in [more…]

Understanding Storage Fundamentals in the Hybrid Cloud

The design of cloud storage in a hybrid cloud environment is similar to other cloud architectures in terms of self-service, elasticity, and scalability. Cloud storage is a technique of abstracting storage [more…]

The Elements of Storage in the Hybrid Cloud

Companies want to find new cost-effective and flexible digital storage solutions to help meet their evolving storage requirements in a hybrid cloud environment. New mobile and digital technologies are [more…]


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