Cloud Computing Basics

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Navigating the Cloud Computing Technical Interface

Because the cloud computing service market is so new, few applications have been built from the ground up for this new environment. So far, no corporate applications were built with this model in mind. [more…]

Managing Cloud Computing Resources

In theory, cloud computing services-based resources should be no different from the resources in your own environment, except that they live remotely. Ideally, you have a complete view of the cloud computing [more…]

Deciding on a Cloud Computing Technology Strategy

The cloud in cloud computing, like every other computing platform, has to be managed. And like any other technology strategy, a cloud strategy is considered in relationship to your IT organization’s and [more…]

Administering Cloud Computing Services

When managing cloud computing services, a company has to ask itself many questions about the various services’ effectiveness. The administrators must know if the performance is at the right level, and [more…]

How to Figure Out Where to Start with Cloud Computing

The blessing and the curse of cloud computing is that it is actually quite easy to get started. In many cases, you start with the cloud as a technical approach first and then move to a strategic approach [more…]

Comparing Traditional Data Center and Cloud Data Center Operating Costs

Ultimately, cloud computing services are attractive because the cost is likely to be far lower than providing the same service from your traditional data center, so it helps to understand [more…]

Identifying Cloud Computing Hardware

Costs for your cloud computing data center hardware will vary dramatically depending on the type of workloads you support. Data storage is an excellent example of this variation. When your company is establishing [more…]

How to Handle Workloads in Cloud Computing

How do you organize the cloud when setting up a cloud computing system? The basic requirement is that workloads need to be organized. A workload is an independent service or collection of code that can [more…]

How to Locate Data in Cloud Computing

After data goes into the cloud, you may not have control over where your company’s data is stored geographically. Consider these issues connected with cloud computing services: [more…]

How to Control Data in Cloud Computing

Controls on data in the cloud computing environment include the governance policies set in place to make sure that your data can be trusted. The integrity, reliability, and confidentiality of your data [more…]

How to Secure Data for Transport in Cloud Computing

When transporting data in a cloud computing environment, keep two things in mind: Make sure that no one can intercept your data as it moves from point A to point B in the cloud, and make sure that no data [more…]

How to Talk to Your Cloud Computing Vendor about Data

You’re thinking about using some of the data services available for cloud computing. Before you sign the contract, remember that data (especially your company’s data) is a precious asset and you need to [more…]

How to Scale the Cloud in Cloud Computing

From the provider's point of view, the whole point of cloud computing is to achieve economies of scale by managing a very large pool of computing resources in a highly economic and efficient fashion. [more…]

Comparing Technology Enabler Companies in Cloud Computing

Just about any technology company that offers solutions for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), service management, security, testing, storage, virtualization, and network management [more…]

Renting Infrastructure in Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the delivery of computer hardware (servers, networking technology, storage, and data center space) as a service. You also can expect it to include the delivery of [more…]

Understanding IaaS in Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) refers to the renting of computer hardware (servers, networking technology, storage, and data center space) instead of buying and installing it in your own data center [more…]

Understanding PaaS in Cloud Computing

There are many ways to approach cloud computing, depending on what business problem you’re trying to solve. When organizations are looking for capacity on demand, they often look to [more…]

Working with the Google App Engine in Cloud Computing

When you visit the Google App Engine Web site, you will notice four phrases that really sum up Google’s strategy for Platform as a Service (PaaS): [more…]

Working with Microsoft Azure in Cloud Computing

Microsoft, the incumbent in the application development and deployment market, has taken its .Net platform into the cloud computing community. Azure is Microsoft’s Platform as a Service [more…]

Working with’s Platform in Cloud Computing initiated a platform called as its foray into the cloud computing platform market. It helps commercial software developers create cloud-based applications based on’s [more…]

Working with Intuit in Cloud Computing

Intuit’s target market for cloud computing services is the small- and medium-sized businesses that use its popular QuickBooks application to run their day-to-day financial operations. Intuit has used this [more…]

How Private Cloud and Public Cloud Computing Compare

In the community of cloud community services, confusion and debate continue over the definition of a private cloud. The phrase private cloud refers to a highly virtualized cloud data center located inside [more…]

How to Assess the Cost of a Private Cloud in Cloud Computing

What are your private cloud computing data center and IT operations actually costing you? It isn’t a simple question to answer. Most companies divide the area of expenses for IT into two buckets: [more…]

Comparing Cloud Computing Services-Led Technology Companies

The services components (internal or partners) of services-led technology vendors have developed best practices over thousands of engagements and all this experience is brought to the forefront of each [more…]

Comparing Systems Integrators Companies for Cloud Computing

Creating a cloud strategy is a complicated process. A cloud infrastructure needs a well-defined architecture or it can’t scale and won’t be manageable. Do you need lots of help with cloud strategy development [more…]


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