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Administration & Professional Networking

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Creating a VLAN for Cisco Networking

When working with your Cisco network, you may want to separate users into different broadcast domains for security or traffic reduction. You can do this by implementing VLANs. The following example will [more…]

Using EtherChannel for Cisco Networking

Don't be afraid to use EtherChannel on your Cisco network. EtherChannel allows you to take up to eight network ports on your switch and treat them as a single larger link. This can be used to connect servers [more…]

Working with Spanning Tree Protocol for Cisco Networking

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) enables you to create redundant loops on your Cisco network for fault tolerance, and prevents inadvertent loops that may be created on your network from bringing the network [more…]

Managing Static Routing for Cisco Networking

When working with your routers on your Cisco network, it's very likely that you'll want to have your routers route data. The first step in having your router pass data from one interface to another interface [more…]

Viewing Routing Information for Cisco Networking

After setting up any routing protocol that you want to implement - RIP, OSPF, or EIGRP - you can view all of your routing information through the ip route [more…]

Cisco Networking All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To create and configure a Cisco network, you need to know about routers and switches to develop and manage secure Cisco systems. Become acquainted with Cisco network devices and code listings; and find [more…]

Key Mac OS X Lion Server Information You Should Save

Complete information regarding every possible configuration for installing Mac OS X Lion Server would be overwhelming. Here's the core information that everyone should have written down somewhere, both [more…]

Ways to Log In Remotely to Mac OS X Lion Server

Mac OS X Lion Server provides several different ways to log on and manage the server from another computer, including from Windows and Linux computers. With all these methods, there is nothing to install [more…]

Common Port Numbers for Mac OS X Lion Server Services

Mac OS X Lion Server's unique services have some unique port numbers. The following table lists some of the more common default port numbers for configuring firewalls and router port-forwarding for Mac [more…]

Mac OS X Lion Server Keyboard Tips for Windows Users

You frequently use several keyboard and mouse actions in Mac OS X Lion Server's administration tools. Mac users will be familiar with these techniques, but they may be new to Windows users: [more…]

Junos for IOS Users

The Junos OS command line interface (CLI) has many built-in tools to guide you while you master its commands and structure. If you already know a command language for another network operating system, [more…]

Junos OS For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Junos OS provides a command line interface (CLI) that has many built-in tools to help you master the many available Junos OS commands and familiarize yourself with the structure of the Junos OS command [more…]

Network with Journalists and Radio or TV Producers

It’s critical to establish and nurture your personal brand everywhere you go online. You’ll never know when the media is watching you. How can you get yourself in front of the media to be considered? The [more…]

Mom Blogging Competition as “Co-opetition”

Elise Bauer of the Food Blog Alliance absolutely gets that other bloggers in her niche are not competition — they are co-opetition (a hybrid of cooperation and competition). Like most of us, Elise realizes [more…]

Mom Bloggers Teach What They Know

If your blog is a teaching or informational kind of blog, freely give your advice and expertise away in your blog posts. You may be concerned about giving away expertise for free, but keep in mind that [more…]

Mom Bloggers Should Speak at Events and Conferences

Nothing boosts your visibility among the blogging community more than when you speak at events attended by your readers and peers. Speaking on a topic gives you instant credibility that can be achieved [more…]

How to Apply to Speak at Events

You have to be able to submit compelling speaking proposals to prove you can offer more value to event attendees than another potential speaker. The pool of speaking talent is growing faster than the number [more…]

Prominent Mom Blogging Events

Going to conferences can become an expensive habit, especially because many of them don’t pay a speaker’s fee and may not reimburse you for travel expenses. If you are speaking, you will most likely attend [more…]

Write a Mom Blogger Biography to Impress

You want a biography to simply highlight your achievements and allow people to get to know you — in a paragraph. Yes, it’s a lot to ask of five to eight sentences. Biographies are not the easiest thing [more…]

How to Attract Media Coverage as a Mom Blogger

Getting your name or blog in front of hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of people is a huge achievement; as you might expect, it’s not easily accomplished. It takes a lot of time, work, and credibility [more…]

Create a Press Room on Your Mom Blog

A press room page is a collection of article links, videos, and audio interviews wherever you’ve been mentioned in the media. Few things convey professionalism and credibility better than getting mentioned [more…]

Become a Resource to the Mom Blogging Community

When you give something to the blogging community as a whole, the community will remember and reward you for it. Networking with other bloggers is the very best way to get yourself established when you [more…]

Mobile Device Security Challenges for Cloud Computing

With an increasing number of mobile device applications being developed or used within the corporate workplace, the economics of cloud computing are beginning to resonate with enterprises. It has become [more…]

Mobile Device Security Policy Updating

To keep up with the current mobile device security environment, you need to update your enterprise's mobility policies as well as think about supporting more than one device platform. Here are some of [more…]

Overview of Mobile Device User Authentication

The most fundamental requirement to allowing secure mobile devices within the enterprise is to have a solution in place to authenticate the users of those devices. It is common to use the following methods [more…]


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