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Enterprise Mobile Device Firewall Features: Small Footprint

Although mobile devices are similar to laptops and desktops in many ways, the differences are striking. It’s critical to choose a firewall with a small footprint - that is, a modest use of power, storage [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security Dynamic Firewall Adaptation

Keeping your security response flexible is uniquely important to the mobile device environment. That’s partly because most current devices make multitasking available. Your users could be videochatting [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Bluetooth Security Issues

One particular area of vulnerability for the enterprise mobile device is the Bluetooth interface. Traditionally, Bluetooth has been an adjunct communication interface used for connecting to wireless headsets [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Protection against Viruses

With the widespread use of applications that download attachments to the mobile device the need for virus-based protection is becoming critical. Keep in mind, however, that other mobile-specific [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Virus-based Attacks

Virus attacks typically seek to infect the mobile device's operating system. Virus-based attacks on mobile devices are essentially file-based; they ride in on a file that must be downloaded [more…]

Enterprise Management of Mobile Devices: Deployment

The lifecycle of an enterprise mobile device begins with device deployment. If on the other hand (as is becoming the norm), the devices in your enterprise are predominantly owned by the employees themselves [more…]

Enterprise Management of Mobile Devices: Provisioning

An essential portion of enterprise management of mobile devices is provisioning. Provisioning devices involves delivering configuration data and policy settings to the mobile devices. [more…]

Enterprise Management of Mobile Devices: Monitoring

Enterprise management of mobile devices includes the continual monitoring to ensure that the mobile device is in compliance with your enterprise policies at all times. This is different from application [more…]

Enterprise Management of Mobile Devices: Compliance Enforcement

One of the core tools suggested for management of enterprise mobile devices is continual monitoring, but monitoring is all about identifying violations. When a violation is detected, enforcement is next [more…]

The Enterprise Mobile On-Device Security Components

The enterprise mobile on-device security components are firewall, antivirus, antispam, intrusion prevention, and enforceable encryption. When you roll out on-device security components, you must prioritize [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Personal Symbian Device Protection

As an administrator managing mobility for an enterprise environment, you want to enforce certain policies for all personal devices being used at work, including Symbian devices. Devices running Symbian [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Personal Android Device Protection

Managing enterprise mobile device security can include the personal devices of your employees. Here are some precautions you should advise users to take to prevent losing vital data on their device if [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Personal Windows Device Protection

As an administrator managing mobility for an enterprise environment, you want to enforce certain policies for all personal devices being used at work, especially if your IT policy allows personal devices [more…]

Mobile Device Security: Enterprise-Grade Solutions for Personal Devices

If you want to deploy a corporate solution to protect your employees’ mobile devices, you need what is generally referred to as a mobile device management [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Virtual Device Antivirus Solutions

One of the defenses used to provide mobile device antivirus security is the 'virtual device' architecture. A “virtual” antivirus solution doesn’t run on the device itself; instead, the main program runs [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Spam Overview

The threat of spam is as prevalent for mobile devices as it is for fixed devices such as laptops and desktops. This age-old form of malware continues to plague consumers and enterprises alike. There are [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Spam Reduction Strategies

Developing a response to the age-old malware nuisance, spam, is another vector to enterprise mobile device security management. Reduction of this age-old form of malware can take several forms. [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Preventing Malicious Applications

Malicious applications can do tremendous damage to the infected mobile device but for the enterprise they present a clear security breach to corporate assets. Preventing this type of intrusion is critical [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Unknown Networks

The nomadic existence of mobile devices and propensity for tethering means much greater security exposure to unknown networks. Therefore, intrusions are far more likely on these devices than on a fixed [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Spyware Dangers

Spyware on the enterprise mobile device not only consumes bandwidth and computing resources but exposes the enterprise to liability issues, security risks and limits productivity. But how does it get on [more…]

Enforceable Encryption on Enterprise Mobile Devices

One way to counter spyware on your enterprise mobile devices is with enforceable encryption — software that uses encryption to obfuscate critical data residing on the device. Extensible memory on the devices [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Personal Device Loss or Theft Precautions

If your IT policy allows personal mobile devices to access network resources, prevention of loss or theft and remediation of any damage is likely to be part of your responsibilities. Here are some precautions [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Personal Apple iOS Device Protection

If your enterprise allows personal devices to connect to the corporate network, you are likely to be looked to for advice and information regarding protecting those devices. Features and recommendations [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Carrier-Provided Voice Encryption

With the widespread adoption of mobile devices comes a tendency to use them to conduct mission-critical business, opening up voice communications as a security vector. That makes the mobile devices a very [more…]

Deploying Enterprise-Wide Loss and Theft Mobile Device Protection

If you need to deploy loss and theft protection on hundreds or thousands of mobile devices across your enterprise, you need to identify the platforms you want to support in your enterprise and then shortlist [more…]

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