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Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Discriminating by Device Profile

Over time, many organizations have built policies that allow them to discriminate between various device types and device security posture levels in order to set an appropriate level of access for a particular [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Profiling and Policy Application

The most commonly used and easiest to configure types of mobile device endpoint security policies are those that verify the presence and status of third-party endpoint security applications. These types [more…]

Application Deployment to Enterprise Mobile Devices

After an enterprise mobile device is provisioned with the appropriate security policies and configurations, you need to deploy the appropriate applications to the device. In some cases, you are doing so [more…]

Passcode Setting on Enterprise Mobile Devices

Setting passcodes on mobile devices is the most basic security requirement for any mobile device to be allowed into a work environment. Passcodes require the user to enter a passphrase to unlock the device [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Content Encryption

Data encryption prevents sensitive mobile device data from being accessed without entering the mobile device owner’s passphrase or secret key. Encryption [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Management at Scale

In large companies, the number of mobile devices in the corporate network can easily be in the thousands. It's critical to manage the security policies that are deployed on these devices for compliance [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Loss and Theft Protection

A critical policy for mobile device compliance is the ability to take actions when a device used for corporate access is reported lost or stolen. Employees carry critical information on their devices, [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Protection from Viruses

Compliance policies aimed at securing corporate data and applications accessed by mobile devices have to address hacking, viruses and other malicious entities. Take a look at the various aspects of mobile [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device VPN Requirements

Virtual private network (VPN) refers to the secure connectivity between a mobile device and a VPN gateway or server installed within the corporate network. When a VPN tunnel is established between a device [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Anti-X Protection

When you are responsible for the mobile device in the enterprise, this includes all of the associated applications, data, and the security posture of that device. One of the key security components that [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security Components: Antivirus

Antivirus is an essential security component of mobile device security which is software actually running on the endpoint device. The technology has been available for decades, and many of your users would [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security Components: Antiphishing

An essential component of mobile device security is Antiphishing. Antiphishing is software which prevents phishing, the illegal acquisition of sensitive information. Phishing attacks on mobile devices [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security Components: Antispam

Antispam is another component of mobile device security. Antispam is the ability to identify and stop spam - typically in the form of e-mail - to the device, but for today’s mobile devices, the spam vectors [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Backup and Restore Capabilities

The ability to backup and restore mobile devices is an essential part of a well rounded security profile. Many mobile device OS vendors already offer some version of backup and restore, but these are enabled [more…]

Loss and Theft Protection of Enterprise Mobile Devices

The most fundamental security defense against loss or theft of mobile devices is over-the-air (OTA) disabling. With enterprise-friendly devices like the BlackBerry, this is a breeze, but with most mobile [more…]

Control and Monitoring of Enterprise Mobile Device Applications

Applications, or apps, are fast becoming the de facto user interface for mobile devices. Therefore, to be able to provide adequate security you will need to provide adequate monitoring of these applications [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: E-mail Access Recommendations

Providing secure access to corporate email assets is essential to most enterprise mobile device deployments. E-mail, calendar, and contacts are among the first applications that end users wish to access [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security Tips for Connecting to Exchange Server

Use of a VPN is always recommended when connecting your enterprise mobile devices directly to Exchange Server. Here are a few tips to ensure that your deployment is as secure as possible: [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Access to Web-based Applications

There are a number of ways to provide secure access to web-based applications, but for remote access to enterprise applications, one of the most common methods in use today is SSL, typically through an [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: Wi-Fi Network Access and Policies

Mobile devices, including corporate-issued devices, have sophisticated Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing them to connect to public and private networks for Internet access. Device users can connect to networks [more…]

Wi-Fi Connections for Enterprise Mobile Devices: Apple

Connecting a mobile device to a Wi-Fi network is a basic task, but your enterprise has a security interest in ensuring your users understand the implications of this task. Here are some techniques and [more…]

Wi-Fi Connections for Enterprise Mobile Devices: Android

If your enterprise security policy and mobile devices allow it, users will be connecting to Wi-Fi networks. There are some techniques you may want to use when instructing your corporate users and signs [more…]

Wi-Fi Connections for Enterprise Mobile Devices: Blackberry

Corporate users can easily configure their enterprise BlackBerry devices to connect to public and secure, private Wi-Fi networks. Like Apple iOS and Google Android devices, BlackBerry devices can deliver [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Wi-Fi Policy Implementation

In your organization, you can create a corporate Wi-Fi network to which employees securely connect their various devices, including laptop computers, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. In most [more…]

Enterprise Mobile Device Security: On-Device Firewalls

A device-based firewall is a form of security protection that is physically resident on the enterprise mobile device, as opposed to protection based in the cloud or hosted protection. A device-based firewall’s [more…]

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