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Data Protection Options for Big Data

Some big data experts believe that different kinds of data require different forms of protection and that, in some cases in a cloud environment, data encryption might, in fact, be overkill. You could encrypt [more…]

The Big Data Governance Challenge

Data governance is important to your company no matter what your big data sources are or how they are managed. In the traditional world of data warehouses or relational database management, it is likely [more…]

Practices to Ensure Big Data Governance

With the governance challenges presented by big data, it is wise and absolutely necessary to have practices in place to ensure that you are protecting your information. While the degree to which you do [more…]

Put the Right Big Data Organizational Structure in Place

Typically, companies begin their journey to big data by starting with an organizational experiment to see whether big data can play an important role in defining and impacting business strategy. However [more…]

New Dimensions for the Big Data Planning Cycle

With the advent of big data, some changes can impact the way you approach business planning. As more businesses begin to use the cloud as a way to deploy new and innovative services to customers, the role [more…]

Keep Big Data Analytics in Perspective

Big data is beginning to have an important impact on business strategy. Because of the increasing importance of big data, keeping data analytics in perspective is good business practice. Companies are [more…]

Set the Right Foundation for Big Data

So, how do you get started in your journey to creating the right environment so that you are ready to both experiment with big data and be prepared to expand your use of big data when you are ready? Will [more…]


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