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Best Practices for Big Data Integration

Many companies are exploring big data problems and coming up with some innovative solutions. Now is the time to pay attention to some best practices, or basic principles, that will serve you well as you [more…]

Big Data Planning Stages

Four stages are part of the planning process that applies to big data. As more businesses begin to use the cloud as a way to deploy new and innovative services to customers, the role of data analysis will [more…]

Laying the Groundwork for Your Big Data Strategy

Companies are swimming in big data. The problem is that they often don't know how to pragmatically use that data to be able to predict the future, execute important business processes, or simply gain new [more…]

Defining Big Data: Volume, Velocity, and Variety

Big data enables organizations to store, manage, and manipulate vast amounts of disparate data at the right speed and at the right time. To gain the right insights, big data is typically broken down by [more…]

Understanding Unstructured Data

Unstructured data is different than structured data in that its structure is unpredictable. Examples of unstructured data include documents, e-mails, blogs, digital images, videos, and satellite imagery [more…]

The Role of Traditional Operational Data in the Big Data Environment

Knowing what data is stored and where it is stored are critical building blocks in your big data implementation. It's unlikely that you'll use RDBMSs for the core of the implementation, but it's very likely [more…]

Five Plans for Big Data Success

While big data is only in the first stages, you want to plan for success. It is never too early to get started with planning and good practices so that you can leverage what you are learning and the experience [more…]

Five Big Data Best Practices

Big data is only in the first stages, but it is never too early to get started with best practices. As with every important upcoming technology, it is important to have a strategy in place and know where [more…]

Ten Big Data Do’s and Don’ts

Many companies that are beginning their exploration of big data are in the early stages of execution. Consider these do’s and don’ts as part of your strategy. Most companies are experimenting with pilots [more…]

Big Data Cloud Delivery Models

A number of cloud delivery models exist for big data. Try talking to those with experience to figure out which type of delivery model is best for your big data initiative. [more…]

How to Prioritize Big Data Quality

Getting the right perspective on data quality can be very challenging in the world of big data. With the majority of big data sources, you need to assume that you are working with data that is not clean [more…]

How to Incorporate Big Data Into the Diagnosis of Diseases

Across the world, big data sources for healthcare are being created and made available for integration into existing processes. Clinical trial data, genetics and genetic mutation data, protein therapeutics [more…]

The Economics of Big Data

The best way to understand the economics of big data is to look at the various methods for putting big data to work for your organization. While specific costs may vary due to the size of your organization [more…]

Security Considerations with Big Data

While companies are very concerned about the security and governance of their data in general, big data initiatives come with certain complexities and unforeseen issues that many companies are not prepared [more…]

How to Develop a Well-Governed and Secure Big Data Environment

A thoughtful and well-governed approach to security can succeed in mitigating against many security risks. You need to develop a secure big data environment. One thing that you can do is to evaluate your [more…]

Four Stages of Business Planning with Big Data

What does the business plan hope to achieve by leveraging big data? This is not an easy question to answer. Different companies in different industries need to manage their data differently. But some common [more…]

Big Data Resources

You will find lots of resources that can help you start making sense of the big data world. Standard organizations are tackling some of the key emerging issues with getting data resources to work together [more…]

Big Data Web and Content Management

Big data requires a consistent approach to Web and content management. It’s no secret that most data available in the world today is unstructured. Paradoxically, companies have focused their investments [more…]

Data Management for Big Data

Is big data really new or is it an evolution in the data management journey? It is actually both. As with other waves in data management, big data is built on top of the evolution of data management practices [more…]

What is Big Data?

Big data is not a single technology but a combination of old and new technologies that helps companies gain actionable insight. Therefore, big data is the capability to manage a huge volume of disparate [more…]

Time Requirements for Big Data

A primary consideration when undertaking a big data project is the projected amount of real-time and non-real-time required to carry out your initiative. Big data is often about doing things that weren’t [more…]

Put Your Big Data Together

How will you know how to put all of your data together? With a big data project, what you want to do with your structured and unstructured data indicates why you might choose one piece of technology over [more…]

Performance and Big Data

Just having a faster computer isn’t enough to ensure the right level of performance to handle big data. You need to be able to distribute components of your big data service across a series of nodes. In [more…]

Challenges of Virtualization for Big Data

Virtualized big data environments need to be adequately managed and governed to realize cost savings and efficiency benefits. If you rely on big data services to solve your analytics challenges, you need [more…]

Enterprise Data Management and Big Data

Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is an important process in big data for understanding and controlling the economics of data in your enterprise or organization. Although EDM is not required for big data [more…]


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