Big Data Warehousing

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Ensure the Quality of Incoming External Data

When you are designing a data warehouse and you determine what external data you need, you just place an order (similar to ordering clothes or a fruit basket from an online site). After you begin receiving [more…]

Determine What External Data You Really Need

Don’t overdo it when you think about what external data you need for your data warehouse. The same rule that applies to internal data in your warehouse is just as applicable to externally sourced data: [more…]

Why Is External Data Important to Your Data Warehouse?

External data — from outside your own company — is important to your data warehouse for one simple reason: To ensure that you make the right business decisions, you need to see the big picture, which usually [more…]

Identify Data You Need for Your Data Warehouse

Simply ask yourself this question: Looking at a complete list from within your company of all data sources that will provide data to the warehouse, what else do you need that you don’t already have on [more…]

View External Data from a User’s Perspective

Here is an outline of how a data warehouse user sees external data and its importance. Consider these two tables. This table shows the sales performance for Good Guys, Inc., and the following table shows [more…]


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