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Does Your Company Have Existing Data Structures?

Your organization has overwhelmingly favorable odds of having at least one sort-of data warehouse — a reporting system that provides informational capabilities and, sometimes, analytical capabilities to [more…]

How to Catalogue Existing Extract Files

When you begin to consider what to do about the extract files and other types of sort-of data warehouse environments that exist in your organization, you must find them — which you might find difficult [more…]

Decisions about Your Company's Existing Data

When you begin to plan for a data warehouse solution for your company, you will want to ferret out a complete inventory of extract files that fill the role of prehistoric data warehouse, each one most [more…]

Enterprise Information Integration Services

Around 1995, vendors began positioning their software as virtual data warehousing tools. The fundamental premise was that sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to copy and manipulate a bunch of data, just [more…]

Additional EII Services for Data Warehousing

Your virtual data warehousing environment includes services that a single database would handle in a centralized environment. These true middleware services complement the traditional data warehousing [more…]

Facing the EII Infrastructure Challenge

Wow! Virtual data warehousing sounds like a fairly neat, state-of-the-art idea. Why isn’t it more widespread? The answer, in a word, is infrastructure. Although you can talk all you want about emerging [more…]

Six Vendors with Middleware Products for Data Warehousing

There are several vendors that offer data warehousing middleware products you might want to take a look at. Here are seven that are worth considering. [more…]

The Main Categories of Business Intelligence

At the outset of your data warehousing project, don’t focus on the type of tools you need — yet. Instead, concentrate on figuring out the types of questions users will ask against the data warehouse’s [more…]

Business Analysis (OLAP)

Business analysis is the term used to describe visualizing data in a multidimensional manner. Query and report data typically is presented in row after row of two-dimensional data. The first dimension [more…]

Data Mining for Data Warehousing

At times, data mining for data warehousing is not commingled with the other forms of business intelligence. This lack of integration occurs for two reasons: [more…]

Data Warehousing: Dashboards and Scorecards

The early and mid-1980s experienced a frenzy in executive information systems (EIS) technology, a sort of predecessor to the 1990s data warehousing boom. Early EIS technology received a mixed welcome and [more…]

Other Types of Business Intelligence

Alas, the neat, organized model that has four different types of business intelligence categories (querying and reporting, business analysis [OLAP], data mining, and dashboards and scorecards) can be expanded [more…]

Business Intelligence Architecture and Data Warehousing

The early days of business intelligence processing (any variety except data mining) had a strong, two-tier, first-generation client/server flavor. (Some business intelligence environments that were hosted [more…]

What Functionality Does a Querying and Reporting Tool Provide?

To help you understand the functionality that a querying and reporting tool offers, this list describes some of the tasks they can help you perform: [more…]

Querying and Reporting Tools for Data Warehousing

A querying and reporting tool helps you run regular reports, create organized listings, and perform cross-tabular reporting and querying. Here are some querying and reporting tools to familiarize yourself [more…]

Designing a Relational Database for Querying and Reporting Support

Your data warehousing environment or a specific data mart that your main data warehouse will feed might have the mission of generating a finite and predictable set of reports. Here is one approach to designing [more…]

Five Vendors with Querying and Reporting Products for Data Warehousing

There are several vendors that provide querying and reporting tools you might want to consider using with your data warehouse. Here are five that are worth considering. [more…]

Data Mining

The distinguishing characteristic about data mining, as compared with querying, reporting, or even OLAP, is that you can get information without having to ask specific questions. [more…]

Three Vendors with Data Mining Products

There are several vendors that sell data mining products you might want to consider using with your data warehouse. Here are three that are worth considering. [more…]

Dashboard and Scorecard Principles

The fundamental principle behind the dashboard and scorecards functionality of a data warehouse is, “Tell me a lot of things, but don’t make me work too hard.” [more…]

The Relationship between Dashboards, Scorecards, and Other Parts of Business Intelligence

Dashboards and scorecards are often linked to results from other business intelligence tools, representing a presentation mechanism, rather than an analytical mechanism. For example, you might create the [more…]

The Idea behind Multidimensional Databases

Multidimensional databases (MDDBs) throw out the conventions of their relational ancestors and organize data in a manner that’s highly conducive to multidimensional analysis. To understand multidimensional [more…]

Horizontal versus Vertical Data Storage Management

Most relational database managers have been built on a horizontal storage manager, which places all data in a database by row (or record) when a transaction occurs. A database table is represented as a [more…]

Data Warehouse Appliances

Like with bell-bottom jeans, hardware-assisted databases are on the comeback trail. Microsoft, Oracle, and Netezza are all the rage at database seminars around the globe. In the mid– to late 1980s, vendors [more…]

Data Warehousing Specialty Database Products

There are several vendors that have data warehousing specialty database products that you might want to check out. Here are five that are worth considering. [more…]


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