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How to Analyze Big Data to Get Results

Big data is most useful if you can do something with it, but how do you analyze it? Companies like Amazon and Google are masters at analyzing big data. And they use the resulting knowledge to gain a competitive [more…]

How Big Data Analytics Can Prevent Fraud

One benefit of your big data analytics can be fraud prevention. By many estimates, at least 10 percent of insurance company payments are for fraudulent claims, and the global sum of these fraudulent payments [more…]

Big Data Analytics Solutions Vendors

A number of vendors on the market today support the growing need with big data solutions for your business. Here is a listing of a few solutions that you may find interesting: [more…]

Text Analytics Tools for Big Data

Here is an overview of some of the players in the text analysis big data market. Some are small while others are household names. Some call what they do [more…]

How to Use Big Data Analytics to Increase Customer Loyalty

Once you gather your big data, what is your next step? Today customer loyalty is paramount because the customer is in the driver’s seat when it comes to making a choice about how to interact with a service [more…]

Improve the Customer Experience with Big Data Analytics

The big data that can make a difference in how companies satisfy their customers and partners is not necessarily in traditional databases any more. The value of unstructured data from nontraditional sources [more…]

Traditional and Advanced Analytics for Big Data

What does your business now do with all the data in all its forms? Big data requires many different approaches to analysis, traditional or advanced, depending on the problem being solved. Some analyses [more…]

Classes of Big Data Analytics

Existing analytics tools and techniques will be very helpful in making sense of big data. The algorithms that are part of these tools, however, must be able to work with large amounts of potentially real-time [more…]

Big Data Streaming with a Public Policy Impact

Almost every area of a city has the capability to use big data, whether in the form of taxes, sensors on buildings and bridges, traffic pattern monitoring, location data, and data about criminal activity [more…]

Big Data Streaming in the Energy Industry

Reducing energy consumption, finding new sources of renewable energy, and increasing energy efficiency are all important big data goals for protecting the environment and sustaining economic growth. Large [more…]

Big Data Streaming in the Healthcare Industry

Big data is of enormous significance to the healthcare industry — including its use in everything from genetic research to advanced medical imaging and research on improving quality of care. While conducting [more…]

Characteristics of Big Data Analysis

Big data analysis has gotten a lot of hype recently, and for good reason. You will need to know the characteristics of big data analysis if you want to be a part of this movement. Companies know that something [more…]

The Big Data Paradox

You’ll find a nuance about big data analysis. It’s really about small data. While this may seem confusing and counter to the whole premise, small data is the product of big data analysis. This is not a [more…]

The Role of Traditional ETL in Big Data

ETL tools combine three important functions (extract, transform, load) required to get data from one big data environment and put it into another data environment. Traditionally, ETL has been used with [more…]

How to Use Data Streaming for Big Data

Sometimes, when approaching big data, companies are faced with huge amounts of data and little idea of where to go next. Enter data streaming. When a significant amount of data needs to be quickly processed [more…]

Big Data: The Need for Metadata in Data Streams

Most big data management professionals are familiar with the need to manage metadata in structured database management environments. These data sources are strongly typed [more…]

How to Use Complex Event Processing for Big Data

Complex Event Processing (CEP) is useful for big data because it is intended to manage data in motion. Complex Event Processing is a technique for tracking, analyzing, and processing data as an event happens [more…]

The Impact of Streaming Data and CEP on Big Data

Both streaming data and Complex Event Processing have an enormous impact on how companies can make strategic use of big data. With streaming data, companies are able to process and analyze this data in [more…]

Big Data Workflows

To understand big data workflows, you have to understand what a process is and how it relates to the workflow in data-intensive environments. Processes tend to be designed as high level, end-to-end structures [more…]

Why Companies Need Data in Motion for Big Data

You need data in motion to react quickly with the current state of big data. To complete a credit card transaction or send an e-mail, data needs to be transported from one location to another. Data is [more…]

Big Data Streaming with an Environmental Impact

Big data research can help in the business world, but it also has an environmental purpose. Scientists measure and monitor various attributes of lakes, rivers, oceans, seas, wells, and other water environments [more…]

Building a Predictive Analytics Model

A successful predictive analytics project is executed step by step. As you immerse yourself in the details of the project, watch for these major milestones: [more…]

Data Sources for Predictive Analytics Projects

Data for a predictive analytics project can come from many different sources. Some of the most common sources are within your own organization; other common sources include data purchased from outside [more…]

Ensuring Success When Using Predictive Analytics

Think of predictive analytics as a bright bulb powered by your data. The light (insight) from predictive analytics can empower your strategy, streamline your operations, and improve your bottom line. The [more…]

Predictive Analytics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A predictive analytics project combines execution of details with big-picture thinking. These handy tips and checklists will help keep your project on the rails and out of the woods. [more…]

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