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10 Emerging Hadoop Technologies to Keep Your Eye On

With Hadoop hitting mainstream IT with a vengeance, open source projects related to Hadoop are popping up everywhere. Here are the top ten most interesting emerging Hadoop projects for you to keep your [more…]

Graph Processing In Hadoop

One of the more exciting emerging NoSQL technologies involves the storage and processing of graph data. You might think that this statement is old news because computer scientists have been developing [more…]

Securing Your Data in Hadoop

As Hadoop enters the IT mainstream and starts getting used in a major way in production environments, the same security concerns that apply to IT systems such as databases will be applicable to Hadoop [more…]

Hadoop For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Like many buzzwords, what people mean when they say “big data” is not always clear. At its core, big data is a way of describing data problems that are unsolvable using traditional tools —because of the [more…]

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