Big Data Management with Hadoop

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Managing Big Data with Hadoop: HDFS and MapReduce

Hadoop, an open-source software framework, uses HDFS (the Hadoop Distributed File System) and MapReduce to analyze big data on clusters of commodity hardware—that is, in a distributed computing environment [more…]

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) for Big Data Projects

The Hadoop Distributed File System is a versatile, resilient, clustered approach to managing files in a big data environment. HDFS is not the final destination for files. Rather, it is a data service that [more…]

Hadoop MapReduce for Big Data

To fully understand the capabilities of Hadoop MapReduce, it’s important to differentiate between MapReduce (the algorithm) and an implementation of MapReduce [more…]

Manage Big Data Resources and Applications with Hadoop YARN

Job scheduling and tracking for big data are integral parts of Hadoop MapReduce and can be used to manage resources and applications. The early versions of Hadoop supported a rudimentary job and task tracking [more…]

Build a Big Data Foundation with the Hadoop Ecosystem

As core components, Hadoop MapReduce and HDFS are constantly being improved and provide starting points for big data, but you need something more. Trying to tackle big data challenges without a toolbox [more…]

Hadoop Pig and Pig Latin for Big Data

The power and flexibility of Hadoop for big data are immediately visible to software developers primarily because the Hadoop ecosystem was built by developers, for developers. However, not everyone is [more…]

Hadoop Sqoop for Big Data

Sqoop (SQL-to-Hadoop) is a big data tool that offers the capability to extract data from non-Hadoop data stores, transform the data into a form usable by Hadoop, and then load the data into HDFS. This [more…]

Hadoop Zookeeper for Big Data

Hadoop’s greatest technique for addressing big data challenges is its capability to divide and conquer with Zookeeper. After the problem has been divided, the conquering relies on the capability to employ [more…]

The Hadoop dfsadmin Command Options

The dfsadmin tools are a specific set of tools designed to help you root out information about your Hadoop Distributed File system (HDFS). As an added bonus, you can use them to perform some administration [more…]

10 Emerging Hadoop Technologies to Keep Your Eye On

With Hadoop hitting mainstream IT with a vengeance, open source projects related to Hadoop are popping up everywhere. Here are the top ten most interesting emerging Hadoop projects for you to keep your [more…]

Graph Processing In Hadoop

One of the more exciting emerging NoSQL technologies involves the storage and processing of graph data. You might think that this statement is old news because computer scientists have been developing [more…]

Securing Your Data in Hadoop

As Hadoop enters the IT mainstream and starts getting used in a major way in production environments, the same security concerns that apply to IT systems such as databases will be applicable to Hadoop [more…]

The Origin and Design of Hadoop

So what exactly is this thing with the funny name — Hadoop? At its core, Hadoop is a framework for storing data on large clusters of commodity hardware — everyday computer hardware that is affordable and [more…]

Distributed Processing with Hadoop MapReduce

Hadoop MapReduce involves the processing of a sequence of operations on distributed data sets. The data consists of key-value pairs, and the computations have only two phases: a map phase and a reduce [more…]

The Apache Hadoop Ecosystem

Hadoop is more than MapReduce and HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System): It’s also a family of related projects (an ecosystem, really) for distributed computing and large-scale data processing. Most [more…]

Comparing Hadoop Distributions

You’ll find that the Hadoop ecosystem has many component parts, all of which exist as their own Apache projects. Because Hadoop has grown considerably, and faces some significant further changes, different [more…]

The Keys to Successfully Adopting Hadoop

In any serious Hadoop project, you should start by teaming IT with business leaders from VPs on down to help solve your business’s pain points — those problems [more…]

Log Data Analysis with Hadoop

Log analysis is a common use case for an inaugural Hadoop project. Indeed, the earliest uses of Hadoop were for the large-scale analysis of clickstream [more…]

Data Warehouse Modernization with Hadoop

Data warehouses are now under stress, trying to cope with increased demands on their finite resources. Hadoop can provide significant relief in this data warehouse situation. [more…]

Fraud Detection with Hadoop

The sheer volume of transactions makes it harder to spot fraud because of the volume of data, ironically, this same challenge can help create better fraud predictive models — an area where Hadoop shines [more…]

Risk Modeling with Hadoop

Risk modeling is another major use case that’s energized by Hadoop. You’ll find that it closely matches the use case of fraud detection in that it’s a model-based discipline. The more data you have and [more…]

Social Sentiment Analysis with Hadoop

Social sentiment analysis is easily the most overhyped of the Hadoop uses, which should be no surprise, given that the world is constantly connected and the current expressive population. This use case [more…]

Image Classification with Hadoop

Image classification requires a significant amount of data processing resources, however, which has limited the scale of deployments. Image classification is a hot topic in the Hadoop world because no [more…]

How to Choose a Hadoop Distribution

Commercial Hadoop distributions offer various combinations of open source components from the Apache Software Foundation and elsewhere — the idea is that the various components have been integrated into [more…]

How to Choose a Hadoop Cluster Architecture

Hadoop is designed to be deployed on a large cluster of networked computers, featuring master nodes (which host the services that control Hadoop’s storage and processing) and slave nodes [more…]

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