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Ten Hot Big Data Trends

As you enter the world of big data, you'll need to absorb many new types of database and data-management technologies. Here are the top-ten big data trends: [more…]

How to Analyze Big Data to Get Results

Big data is most useful if you can do something with it, but how do you analyze it? Companies like Amazon and Google are masters at analyzing big data. And they use the resulting knowledge to gain a competitive [more…]

Best Practices for Big Data Integration

Many companies are exploring big data problems and coming up with some innovative solutions. Now is the time to pay attention to some best practices, or basic principles, that will serve you well as you [more…]

Big Data Planning Stages

Four stages are part of the planning process that applies to big data. As more businesses begin to use the cloud as a way to deploy new and innovative services to customers, the role of data analysis will [more…]

Integrate Big Data with the Traditional Data Warehouse

While the worlds of big data and the traditional data warehouse will intersect, they are unlikely to merge anytime soon. Think of a data warehouse as a system of record for business intelligence, much [more…]

Explore the Big Data Stack

To understand big data, it helps to see how it stacks up — that is, to lay out the components of the architecture. A big data management architecture must include a variety of services that enable companies [more…]

Big Data For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Companies must find a practical way to deal with big data to stay competitive — to learn new ways to capture and analyze growing amounts of information about customers, products, and services. Data is [more…]

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