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Ensuring Success When Using Predictive Analytics

Think of predictive analytics as a bright bulb powered by your data. The light (insight) from predictive analytics can empower your strategy, streamline your operations, and improve your bottom line. The [more…]

Predictive Analytics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A predictive analytics project combines execution of details with big-picture thinking. These handy tips and checklists will help keep your project on the rails and out of the woods. [more…]

How to List Business Objectives for Predictive Analytics

Presumably, to prepare for the analysis of the data you’ve collected, you’ve already sat down with the business mangers and collected the objectives they’re after. Now you have to go into detail, evaluate [more…]

How to Identify Data for Predictive Analytics

For your predictive analytics project, you’ll need to identify appropriate sources of data, pool data from those sources, and put it in a structured, well-organized format. These tasks can be very challenging [more…]

How to Generate Derived Data and Reduce Its Dimensionality for Predictive Analytics

In this exploration phase of predictive analysis, you’ll gain intimate knowledge of your data — which in turn will help you choose the relevant variables to analyze. This understanding will also help you [more…]

How to Clean Data for Predictive Analysis

Before running a predictive analysis, you’ll need to make sure that the data is clean of extraneous stuff before you can use it in your model. This includes finding and correcting any records that contain [more…]

How to Extract, Transform, and Load Data for Predictive Analysis

After it’s initially collected, data is usually in a dispersed state; it resides in multiple systems or databases and must be analyzed before predicting anything. Before you can use it for a predictive [more…]

How to Define Business Objectives for a Predictive Analysis Model

A predictive analytics model aims at solving a business problem or accomplishing a desired business outcome. Those business objectives become the model’s goals. Knowing those ensures the business value [more…]

How to Prepare Data for a Predictive Analysis Model

When you’ve defined the objectives of the model for predictive analysis, the next step is to identify and prepare the data you’ll use to build your model. The general sequence of steps looks like this: [more…]

How to Choose an Algorithm for a Predictive Analysis Model

Various statistical, data-mining, and machine-learning algorithms are available for use in your predictive analysis model. You’re in a better position to select an algorithm after you’ve defined the objectives [more…]

How to Test the Predictive Analysis Model

To be able to test the predictive analysis model you built, you need to split your dataset into two sets: training and test datasets. These datasets should be selected at random and should be a good representation [more…]

How to Go Live with the Predictive Analysis Model

After developing your predictive analysis model and successfully testing it, you’re ready to deploy it into the production environment. The ultimate goal of a predictive analytics project is to put the [more…]

Benefits and Complexities of Visualization as a Tool in Predictive Analysis

Napoleon Bonaparte said, “A good sketch is better than a long speech.” In predictive analytics, data visualization presents analytical results as a picture that can be easily used to build realistic, actionable [more…]

How to Evaluate the Visualization of Your Predictive Analysis Data

There are several ways to visualize data; but what defines a good visualization? The short answer: Whatever gets the meaning across is your best choice. To help you find that best choice, these four criteria [more…]

How to Visualize Your Model's Analytical Results: Hidden Groupings, Data Classifications, and Outliers

Visualization of the results of your predictive analysis really helps the stakeholders understand the next steps. Here are some ways to use visualization techniques to report the results of your models [more…]

How to Visualize Your Model's Analytical Results: Decision Trees and Predictions

When you present the results of your predictive analysis to your stakeholders, creating visual representations of the data can help them to easily understand the information and make well-informed decisions [more…]

How to Create Visualizations of Bird-Flocking Behavior in Predictive Analytics

In predictive analysis, a visualization can represent a simulation — a pictorial representation of a what-if scenario. You can follow up a visualization of a prediction with a simulation that overlaps [more…]

How to Install Python and the Machine-Learning Module for Predictive Analysis

The goal here is to build a couple of predictive models using different classification algorithms. To do that, you’ll need to install Python, its machine-learning modules, and its dependencies. The setup [more…]

How to Install the Python Dependencies for Predictive Analysis

The scikit-learn module requires (or is dependent on) a few other modules to be installed before you can start using it for predictive analysis. Modules that are dependent on other modules are called [more…]

How to Prepare Data for Predictive Analysis

When you’re learning a new programming language, it’s customary to write the “hello world” program. For machine learning and predictive analytics, creating a model to classify the Iris dataset is its “hello [more…]

How to Create a Supervised Learning Model with Logistic Regression

After you build your first classification predictive model for analysis of the data, creating more models like it is a really straightforward task in scikit [more…]

How to Keep Predictive Analysis Data up to Date

After the loading step of extract, transform, load, after you get your data into that separate database, data mart, or warehouse for analysis, you’ll need to keep the data fresh so the modelers can rerun [more…]

How to Use Predictive Analysis for Target Marketing

Predictive analytics make your marketing campaigns more customer-oriented. The idea is to customize your advertisements to target a segment of your total customer base — not the whole. If you send only [more…]

Basics of Structured and Unstructured Data in Predictive Analysis

Data contained in databases, documents, e-mails, and other data files for predictive analysis can be categorized either as structured or unstructured data. [more…]

How to Identify 3 Data Categories in Predictive Analysis

As a result of doing business, companies have gathered masses of data about their business and customers, often referred to as business intelligence. Predictive analysis uses this data. To help you develop [more…]

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