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Basic Financial Ramifications of Bar Ownership

Financing is tough for new bar owners. Leasing some equipment is possible. Assuming someone like a bank agrees to give you money, you’ll probably have to personally guarantee to secure the loan. [more…]

Basics of Drink Mixers for Your Bar

The term mixers is the classification given to the endless variety of stuff you add to liquor to make cocktails in your bar. The mixer itself isn’t alcoholic, but many mixers are manufactured solely for [more…]

How to Set Your Bar Up to Succeed

Owning a bar is an expensive and potentially risky proposition. As with any new business, you budget your costs, forecast your sales, and hope the sales exceed the expenses. But, to be successful, you [more…]

Liquor Laws Specifics to Know for Your Bar

Most areas have very specific liquor laws for bars. The government specifies when, where, in what container, in what quantity, and sometimes even at what price a bar, restaurant, or club can serve alcohol [more…]


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