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How to Use a Board to Analyze Competitive Intelligence in a Small Business

If your business has enough personnel to form a competitive intelligence team, the team can work together to collect and analyze data. If you’re running a small business, however, you may not have enough [more…]

How to Recruit Intel Agents for Competitive Intelligence in a Small Business

Major corporations are likely to have a formal competitive intelligence department complete with a director, data-entry personnel, and one or more dedicated analysts, but you don’t need a separate CI department [more…]

How to Use MBA Teams for Competitive Intelligence Target Studies

College students enrolled in masters of business administration (MBA) degree programs are eager for real-world experience in competitive intelligence and problem solving. You can help provide them with [more…]

How to Apply Ethics to the Three Competitive Intelligence Categories

Although you don’t want to cloud your competitive intelligence ethical standards with situational thinking (that is, letting the circumstances guide what you deem appropriate), you and others in your organization [more…]

How to Find Partners to Run a Bar

You have to decide to run a bar; you have to decide whether it’s worth it to you to share your dream to make it come true. Having a partner is like getting married. You must love [more…]

How to Find Your Bar’s Ideal Location

Location, location, location is the cardinal rule in real estate. But what does that have to do with how to run your bar? Ultimately, you have to choose which location fits your business, your patrons, [more…]

How to Choose and Establish Your Bar’s Name

It may be true that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Not so for a bar! Great bar names evoke pictures in patrons’ minds. Sometimes they choose one bar over another based on the name alone [more…]

How to Run a Bar: Basics of Day-to-Day Inventory

When you start to run your bar, you need to make an inventory sheet for both of your storerooms. An inventory sheet shows who is taking what items when. [more…]

How to Plan Your Bar’s Food Menu 101

When you are starting out on your bar running journey, simplicity is essential when developing a food menu. Ninety-nine times out of 100, your patrons aren’t coming to you for the latest in avant-garde [more…]

How to Plan Your Bar’s Drink Menu 101

Most bars are fully stocked so patrons can order their favorite cocktails, such as a gin and tonic, Crown and Coke, or margarita. But many bar owners create specialized drink menus to steer patrons toward [more…]

How to Price Your Bar’s Menu

The only way money comes into your bar is when patrons purchase your menu items at the price you choose. So you must price your menus correctly to cover your overhead expenses [more…]

How to Price Your Bar’s Drinks

Pricing is a nuance that comes with experience that comes from running a bar. Pricing is determined by what you can get, reasonably, from the customer, and by the area and the kind of bar your have. Of [more…]

How to Run a Bar: Wine Basics

When you start running your bar, don’t forget about wine! Wine is a beverage made of fermented juice of any kind of fruit. Most popular wines are made exclusively from grapes. In fact, most wines are named [more…]

How to Run a Bar: Beer Basics

Beer is among the most popular beverages consumed in bars in the United States. It is brewed from malted barley, hops, and water. Yeast is added, which converts the natural sugars to alcohol and carbon [more…]

How to Run a Bar: Basics of Distilled Spirits and Liqueurs

In bars, the term distilled spirits is a catchall term for liquor with an alcohol content of 35 percent or more and a low sugar content. Spirits include liquors such as gin, tequila, and whiskey. If a [more…]

How to Find the Best Suppliers for Your Bar

After you know what you need to run your bar, find out what’s available from different sup-pliers. Because food-service brands aren’t typically mentioned on menus, you have quite a bit of flexibility in [more…]

How to Run a Bar: Basics of the Liquor License Application

When you start to run a bar, don’t forget about the liquor license. Every bar that serves liquor must have a license to do so. Different agencies regulate the process in different states. Make sure you [more…]

How to Run a Bar: Basic Bar Tools

Every professional uses the proper tools to do her job well, and a bartender is no exception. If you stumble on used versions of the following supplies and they appear to be in good condition, go ahead [more…]

How to Determine Your Bar’s Potential Market

It may seem like a no-brainer to pattern your bar after the other ten that are on the same street, but it’s not a given. What if you could do much better by opening the only falafel-and-margarita bar in [more…]

Explore Your Options: What Kind of Bar Do You Want?

After you pick what kind of bar to open and develop your concept, you need to create a complete plan to go with it. Create your décor, menu, staff uniforms, and logo to work together. [more…]

How to Run a Bar: Bar Height Determination

When you are setting up your bar, one thing to determine is your bar’s height. A standard bar height is 42 inches from the floor to the top of the bar. Of course, yours may be higher or lower, so measure [more…]

How to Conduct Market Research for Your Bar

Conducting market research is vitally important to getting your bar up and running. Market research involves keeping your eye on other bars in your area to figure out what they’re doing and why. You need [more…]

How to Figure Out Your Bar’s Start-Up Costs

Starting a bar is not cheap. Whether you’re taking over an existing bar or building your own from scratch, you need money before you can make money. Many expenses happen only once as you start your venture [more…]

How to Acquire Bar Equipment: Lease or Buy?

Coming up with the cash to buy an entire kitchen and bar full of brand-new equipment isn’t easy. Many owners opt to look into other options like leasing or buying used equipment instead of going with brand-new [more…]

How to Run a Bar: Beer Inventory

Beer was among the first beverages served in bars and pubs around the world, and it’s sure to be the last. After you’ve chosen the beer for your menu, you have to know how much to stock so you don’t run [more…]


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