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How to Pick Marketing Video Titles for Search Engine Optimization

A good title can make a huge difference in whether people find — and ultimately watch — your marketing video, and a good title can be essential for its success. The title you select is a key tool for standing [more…]

How to Combine Traditional SEO and Video Marketing

Your main online video marketing goal is likely to attract people to your website. When users find your videos on Google, you likely want them to head directly to your website instead of to YouTube. [more…]

How to Create Video Site Maps for Video Marketing SEO

It’s extremely difficult for search engines to find the marketing videos on your website. The problem is that so many different video players and video hosting companies are out there that no search engine [more…]

How to Set Up a Paid YouTube Video Marketing Ad

Unfortunately, no one has yet invented a robot that sets up YouTube video marketing ads for you. The process may sound somewhat complicated at first because the YouTube ad system is powerful, but it’s [more…]

How to Optimize Video Marketing Ad Target Keywords

Because you pay for every click on your YouTube ads, you must choose highly effective keywords and placements for your video marketing campaign. When you initially create your campaign, you make certain [more…]

Video Marketing That Increases Micro-Entrepreneurial Business Sales

Instead of employing telephone sales (cold calls) to generate sales for your micro-entrepreneurial business, try video cold calling (video marketing). With video marketing, your prospects either view your [more…]

How to be Successful as a Micro-Entrepreneurial Video Publisher

You can publish content in video form, and sell it to your micro-entrepreneurial business clients. Video publishing is easy to do, given today’s technology. Video marketing requires persistence, but it’s [more…]

How to Build a Video Plan for Visual Social Marketing

When it comes to crafting your visual social marketing strategy video, think through the purpose and execution of your video. Having an idea for your video is only a small part of the process. To build [more…]

7 Best Practices for a Visual Social Marketing Video

Video can be an important component of a visual social marketing plan. Based on the videos that are frequently shared on social networks and frequently viewed on video sharing sites, a number of best practices [more…]

How to Promote a Visual Social Marketing Video

After you've created an amazing social marketing video, the next step is promoting it. Even many viral video success stories included deliberate promotion and, sometimes, even an advertising budget to [more…]

Basics of Visual Social Marketing: How to Create Vine Videos

Vine is emerging as an interesting new visual social marketing application that many businesses have embraced. Though six seconds hardly seems like enough time to communicate a topic, creative marketers [more…]

Basics of Visual Social Marketing: Vine Features Explained

To utilize Vine for visual social marketing campaigns, you will need the Vine mobile app. Vine videos are recorded via the Vine application on smartphones and tablets. Vine accounts can be accessed, and [more…]

5 Best Practices for a Visual Social Marketing Vine Video

Creating appealing Vines for visual social marketing campaigns can be simple or complicated. Some Vine users spend days creating complex, stop-motion animations, though other popular Vine videos take only [more…]

How to Build Your Brand with Videos on Social Media Sites

Video sharing sites are powerful ways to grow awareness for your product and generate new customers. Visual social marketing video sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo let you share your video online [more…]

How to Create Visual Social Marketing Videos

When it's time to create the visual social marketing video (either by yourself or by hiring someone), assess the type of video that's needed, based on how you anticipate that the video will be used. Evaluate [more…]

How to Share Visual Social Marketing Vine Videos

Though you can easily share your visual social marketing Vine videos on Facebook and Twitter, they can also be shared and viewed across the web in a number of other ways [more…]

How to Build a Community on Vine for Your Visual Social Marketing Videos

As with any social network, simply posting content doesn't get you noticed on Vine. To build an audience for your Vine videos, you need to participate and connect with the community on Vine. Connecting [more…]

How to Add Information to Your Visual Social Marketing Vine Videos

After you have recorded your visual social marketing Vine video, you will arrive at the Share screen. On this screen, you can add information to your video and share it. [more…]

How to Enhance Your Website with Visual Social Marketing Videos

Creating visual social marketing videos for your website is an important part of your online marketing strategy. Most digital marketing efforts center around sending traffic to your website and generating [more…]

5 Types of Visual Social Marketing Videos to Create

Many businesses and organizations struggle when getting started with video marketing, because they aren't sure what types of videos they can create. Businesses and organizations of any type can create [more…]

How to Capture Visual Social Marketing Instagram Videos

Instagram recently added video capabilities to its application. You can use this new capability to develop visual social marketing videos for Instagram! You can now take videos that are as long as 15 seconds [more…]

How to Take and Edit Visual Social Marketing Photos and Videos with Instagram

Taking photos is one of the primary functions of Instagram. This is primarily what you will use for visual social marketing on Instagram. To take a photo or a video using Instagram, click on the camera [more…]


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