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How to Measure the Viewer’s Appreciation of Your Marketing Video

Ideally, the viewers or your marketing videos are active — for example, they subscribe to your channel or write comments. YouTube Analytics gives you insight into these categories of user behavior under [more…]

How to Tweet Marketing Videos on Twitter

An active Twitter account has become a must-have item among the social media crowd. But where does marketing video fit within the 140 character limit?

Though you can’t upload your videos directly to Twitter [more…]

How to Create a YouTube Channel for Marketing Videos

The most important thing to know about online marketing video sharing is simple: You have to be on YouTube. No other video site comes even close to the importance, reach, and influence of YouTube. [more…]

How to Personalize Your Marketing Video YouTube Channel

After you set up a YouTubechannel for your marketing videos, you can personalize it and make it look more attractive for viewers. Follow these steps: [more…]

How to Upload Marketing Videos on YouTube

YouTube is now the only video sharing site that is an absolute necessity for your marketing video distribution. Yes, YouTube is sometimes messy, crowded, and unpredictable, but it’s also where most people [more…]

How to Tweak Marketing Videos on YouTube

YouTube gives you some functionality to tweak your marketing video after you upload it. If your video is well-edited in the first place, editing probably isn’t even necessary, though it can be handy if [more…]

How to Create Marketing Video Playlists and Favorites on YouTube

A playlist is a way to group videos by common topics. Playlists help your YouTube channel’s visitors find the marketing videos they’re interested in. They also help your videos to be found in search results [more…]

How to Add Annotations to Your Marketing Videos on YouTube

In addition to the available editing functionality in YouTube, it lets you add annotations to your marketing videos: These small text boxes or comic-style speech bubbles provide additional information [more…]

How to Increase Sales and Conversions with Video Marketing

Whether you sell shoes, high-end consulting services, or submarines, using video marketing is a means to an end: increasing business for your company. When you integrate video into your website, couple [more…]

How to Place Marketing Videos on Your Home Page

Many people still feel that posting marketing videos on a company website’s home page is a radical strategy. After all, home page real estate is extremely scarce and valuable. Even if you have plenty of [more…]

How to Effectively Position Marketing Videos on a Webpage

Marketing videos can add value to almost any part of a website. Think of video as a different type of content, much like text or pictures. The right mix of these content types makes a website attractive [more…]

How to Select an Appropriate Marketing Video Hosting Service

If you decide to use a professional video hosting service for your marketing videos, you first need to find one that fits your needs. Dozens of services are out there with different feature sets and price [more…]

Video on Your Website: How to Place an Embed Code

All hosting services provide embed codes that let you insert your marketing videos into your web pages. An embed code is simply a small piece of computer code that activates the video player and displays [more…]

How to Identify Influential Channels for Your Marketing Videos

Before you start your social media efforts for promoting your marketing video, step back and put your ear to the ground — or simply listen to your best customers. Find out more about your target customers’ [more…]

How to Encourage Users to Share Your Marketing Videos

After you’ve created remarkable marketing videos, found the most relevant online properties and people in your industry, and studied all the newest and juiciest industry gossip, people should go out of [more…]

How to Record Webcam Marketing Videos on Facebook

Recording Facebook webcam videos is an easy, no-frills way to add marketing videos to your company’s Page without taking the time to develop a full marketing video. It works like this: [more…]

How to Upload Marketing Videos to Facebook

To upload a marketing video to Facebook, from either your mobile device (such as a phone or a tablet) or your computer, follow these steps: [more…]

How to Post YouTube Marketing Videos on Facebook

Facebook is more than a social network — it’s the world’s second most popular video sharing site, after YouTube. It’s important to share your marketing videos on Facebook. Embedding YouTube videos in your [more…]

How to Embed Marketing Video in Your Company Facebook Page

After you have marketing videos on your Facebook Page, you have to decide what to do next. Unlike your company website, which can remain relatively unchanged for a few months without harm, social media [more…]

How to Promote Your Marketing Video with Paid Facebook Campaigns

The power of Facebook lies in not only using your own network of friends and fans but also promoting your marketing videos and other content to their friends and fans. If you sign up as a Facebook advertiser [more…]

How to Promote Your Marketing Video with Facebook Sponsored Stories

A more organic way to spread the word about your marketing videos is to use Sponsored Stories. Your fans and your fans’ friends can then discover your videos via the Facebook News Feed and the Sponsored [more…]

How to Create a Video Marketing Call-to-Action Overlay

After you draw viewers to your marketing video, you want them to then take action, by coming to your website, for example, or by signing up for your newsletter or even buying your product online. [more…]

How to Promote Marketing Videos on YouTube

YouTube has its own social networking community, and you can find much more additional value from it for your business marketing videos if you use its social features. [more…]

How to Promote Marketing Videos through E-Mail

Do you have a newsletter mailing list? Making your newsletters more fun and engaging is easy if you add a marketing video into the mix. Research shows that you can easily double the number of clicks by [more…]

How to Promote Marketing Videos through LinkedIn

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are the “big dogs” of social media, but other vehicles can attract as much attention for your marketing videos. The key to successful video marketing is to use your videos [more…]


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