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How to Mix the Audio Track for Your Marketing Video

Much like video editing, sound mixing is an invisible art that is integral to video marketing. Though most people notice only badly mixed sound, creating an appropriate sound mix is an important part of [more…]

How to Identify Speakers in Marketing Videos with iMovie

Most marketing videos feature people speaking. Perhaps you’ve interviewed a happy customer or your CEO welcomes viewers to your engaging new video or a well-known speaker talks about an important topic [more…]

How to Correct Color and Apply Filters in Marketing Videos

Color is a vital tool to shape the emotional impact of a marketing video. Movie professionals spend countless hours tweaking the color balance of their productions. The same scene can feel entirely different [more…]

How to Crop, Rotate, and Zoom Footage in Marketing Videos

Professional camera operators frame their shots “just right” almost every time. But the footage for your marketing video likely isn’t quite perfect. If too much space appears above the head of the interview [more…]

How to Pick the Right Music for Your Marketing Video

As with all other elements of your marketing video, you must choose its music with your audience in mind. Above all else, avoid alienating your audience with your choice of music. If you’re unsure, you [more…]

How to Find Open Source Music for Your Marketing Video

Because of copyright laws, legally using popular music in a marketing video is possible only if it’s in the public domain or if the artists have made their music available for free [more…]

How to Make Your Own Music for Your Marketing Video

If you’re feeling creative and you want to make your own music for your marketing video, you have two key options: Use a music production software program that lets you build songs from existing clips, [more…]

Add Emotional Impact to Your Marketing Video with Music

The main purpose of your music selection is to enhance the emotional impact of your marketing video. Even the specific way in which you use music in your edit affects the video’s emotional impact. Try [more…]

How to Record Voiceover Narration for Your Marketing Video

Many marketing videos employ voiceover narration, using offscreen narrators to tell viewers about the company’s products or services. If you want to use a voiceover in your video, you have two options: [more…]

How to Add Sound Effects to Your Marketing Video

Most noises you hear in a typical Hollywood movie aren’t recorded live on the set, but are added later in the process. Just like in a video marketing project, recording sounds on location is tricky and [more…]

How to Improve the Audio in Your Marketing Video

What makes a marketing video’s audio track sound good is largely in the eye (or ear, rather) of the beholder. Some people like strong bass and loud effects, and others prefer subtle and sophisticated soundtracks [more…]

How to Save a Botched Marketing Video Audio Track

Many things can go wrong when you record audio for your marketing video. As with botched video footage, some tricks at least make a bad-sounding audio track usable. This list describes the most frequent [more…]

How to Use Titles to Enhance Your Marketing Video

Titles don’t simply get a marketing video off to a good start. You can use them throughout the storyline to clarify topics, identify onscreen actors, or prompt viewers in what to do after they watch the [more…]

How to Work with Analytics from Video Hosting Services

YouTube isn’t the only way to distribute video. Most video marketers use video extensively on their company websites, and you must know how to measure this part of the video analytics puzzle as well. [more…]

How to Use the In-Camera Microphone When Shooting a Marketing Video

Whatever type of camera you’re working with to shoot your marketing video, from a pocket-size Flip camera to a high-end, professional camcorder, you’re also using a working microphone that records audio [more…]

How to Use a Lavalier Microphone When Shooting a Marketing Video

If your marketing video features a sit-down interview or a (mostly) stationary speaker, one mic makes the perfect accessory for your subject’s business attire: the [more…]

How to Use a Boom Microphone When Shooting a Marketing Video

For your marketing video needs, the boom mic may be the way to go. The boom mic is the number-one choice for audio recording in the world of film and television. This microphone, mounted on the end of [more…]

Incorporate Animation in Marketing Videos to Save Time and Money

If you’re eager to post a marketing video and you lack the time, money, or resources to make it happen, you can always take the route of online animation. [more…]

Where to Get Free Music to Score Your Marketing Video

Simply using the music in your iTunes folder to score marketing videos would be convenient, but that method would either violate copyright laws or cost a ton of licensing fees. Most popular music does [more…]

Tools to Integrate Your Marketing Video into Social Media

Like video marketing, social media is a useful tool. Used by itself, social media is unlikely to make your business successful, but used effectively and integrated with other, more traditional forms of [more…]

Marketing Video Promotion and Measurement Tools

After you catch the video marketing bug and start creating multiple video campaigns, you’ll see that the YouTube video manager is wholly inadequate for managing a targeted campaign that provides up-to-the [more…]

Six Ways to Leverage the Marketing Video Expertise in Your Company

As video production has become cheaper and easier, there are more opportunities to incorporate video into your company for non-marketing purposes. [more…]

How to Define Measurable Video Marketing Goals

The most important step on the road to video marketing success is to fully understand which goals you’re trying to achieve. Make your goals concrete, measurable, achievable, and well-defined, and ensure [more…]

How to Ensure that Your Video Marketing Measures Result in Action

The point of measuring your video marketing performance against your goals is to inspire action. If you aren’t fulfilling your goals, do something about it. Without action, measuring and reporting waste [more…]

How to Determine the Sources of Hits on Your Marketing Videos

To be able to position more of your marketing videos in high-traffic areas that are frequently visited by your target audience, you must know how they first find your videos. Find out by choosing the Traffic [more…]


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