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How to Be Serious with Video Marketing

There’s a difference between a video that has a serious tone and one that’s just dry and boring. Successful marketing videos create emotional connections by helping viewers identify with the struggles [more…]

How to Assess Prospects and Analyze Needs for Video Marketing

Video can help insert efficiency into the assessment-and-analysis process by compelling people to take action only if they’re qualified buyers.

Salespeople spend a lot of time chasing potential prospects [more…]

How to Avoid Talking Heads in Video Marketing

All video marketing professionals have something to say. A simple shot of a person saying it, however, doesn’t truly take advantage of the power of the video medium. Unless you create a story that includes [more…]

How to Make Video Marketing Testimonials Meaningful or Create a Montage

The testimonial is an excellent tool for video marketing. It offers the viewer a chance to see that other people like your product or service. Use the testimonial sparingly, and make the speaker speak [more…]

How to Use Inoffensive Archetypes in Video Marketing

In video marketing, you have a short amount of time to help your prospect identify with your message. When you use an archetype, the prospect subconsciously fills in information about the character they’re [more…]

How to Make Video Marketing Fresh and Clean

Because most marketing videos make use of easily recognizable scenarios, quite a thin line exists between the familiar and the cliché. Viewers have been bombarded by video messages since television commercials [more…]

How to Choose the Right Actors for Your Video Marketing Campaign

Suppose that you’re holding an audition to cast the roles in your marketing video. You watch as a series of actors read the lines from your script. As you watch, you immediately start picking out the actors [more…]

Pros and Cons of Casting Professional Actors for Your Video Marketing Campaign

When you cast a professional actor for your marketing video, you bring in a specialist — an outsider who is providing expert help. Despite knowing nothing about your business or product, a professional [more…]

How to Create an Effective Casting Notice for Your Marketing Video

When it’s time to search for actors for your marketing video, your best bet is hold auditions by way of a casting call — an invitation for actors to audition for your project. [more…]

How to Run a Successful Audition for Your Marketing Video

You post the casting notice for your marketing video, and your inbox becomes flooded with submissions. After you sort out the best picks and toss the rest, it’s time to hold your audition. To run your [more…]

How to Find Excellent Amateur Actors for Your Marketing Video

When you start looking at people from your professional or personal life as possible actors for your marketing video, you have to adopt a director’s eye. The next time you interact with them, for example [more…]

How to Coax Oscar-Worthy Performances from Non-Actors for Your Marketing Video

Professional actors have the training and experience to hit their marks and deliver the performances you need for your marketing video. Non-actors lack this background experience, and may feel lost in [more…]

How to Cast behind the Camera of Your Marketing Video

You may be forced to use a crew that has little or no experience in making a marketing video. Do not be daunted by this scenario. A shoot using a simple three-person crew — a director, producer, and camera [more…]

How to Protect Your Marketing Video as Intellectual Property

Protecting your own intellectual property is important for you and your company. You have only one way to ensure that your video marketing material remains [more…]

How to Maintain Legal Ownership of Your Marketing Video

Video marketing is a collaborative process, but this collaboration can lead to arguments over ownership. Technically, the script of your video belongs to whoever wrote the script. The same concept applies [more…]

High Definition or Standard Definition for Your Marketing Video?

Digital cameras let you watch your video marketing footage immediately to ensure that you got a good take or even to delete mistakes or unwanted footage. When choosing a digital camera for your shoot, [more…]

How to Choose a Camcorder for Your Marketing Video

Shopping for a camcorder to shoot your marketing video can be a dizzying experience. You can find dozens of models with various features, and the most baffling part is their extensive price range — you [more…]

Lighting Options for Your Marketing Videos

Most modern camcorders can shoot fairly well in low light, but may not be enough to make your marketing video look the way you want. Lighting your subjects, and perhaps giving them a bit of dramatic or [more…]

How to Light Up Your Marketing Video

A lot of options are available to light the scenes of your marketing video. You can use the available light in the locale where you’re shooting or spend a decent chunk of change for a professional lighting [more…]

How to Use Three-Point Lighting in Your Marketing Video

Three-point lighting, the most common type of professional lighting, is a videographer’s friend. It provides even, warm illumination on the subject of your marketing video while minimizing shadows. Naturally [more…]

How to Create a Strong Video Marketing Concept

The first thing to remember when creating a successful marketing video concept is that the video is not about you. Many marketing videos fail to do their job because they fail to consider the mindset of [more…]

How to Communicate Your Product or Service through Video Marketing

Ideally, your offering is the perfect solution to your prospect’s pain, but pushing your brand on prospects too early in the marketing video can make prospects feel defensive, as though they're being given [more…]

How to Establish a Customer Connection with Video Marketing

The easiest way to connect with prospects emotionally in video marketing is to use archetypes. Some examples of these common types of characters who everyone understands are the busy parent raising a family [more…]

How to Script a Marketing Video Using Structural Models

Rather than arbitrarily creating a story from scratch for your marketing video, you can use simple structural models to integrate the message with the characters and create a script concept. [more…]

How to Insert Calls to Action into Your Marketing Video

A call to action is a marketing term for a section of the video marketing material that tells the prospect what to do now. The call may be as simple as “Call us today at 800-555-2323” or “Check out our [more…]


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