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How to Write a Twitter Bio That Promotes Your Business

Your Twitter marketing campaign should begin with a well-thought out Twitter bio. You can use your bio to explain yourself in 160 characters, which is 20 more characters than Twitter allows in regular [more…]

How to Use Twitter to Share Blog Content

Sharing your blog content is the name of the game in developing thought leadership on Twitter. Believe it or not, when marketing via thought leadership, the goal is to give away your information and your [more…]

Ten Do’s for Marketing Your Business on Twitter

Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool if used correctly. Although some of the rules for marketing on Twitter are just commonsense, read the tips listed here to make sure you are making the most of your [more…]

Ten Don’ts for Marketing on Twitter

Want to make the most of your Twitter marketing presence? Here are the top ten pitfalls, mistakes, and practices to avoid when you’re using Twitter to market yourself and your product [more…]

Great Twitter Marketing Ideas in 140 Characters

These thoughts on how to use Twitter as a marketing tool come from experts all over the world. Many marketing experts replied by tweet, so all the advice here comes to you in nuggets of 140 characters [more…]

The Best Twitter Tools and Support Apps

Twitter applications can really make Twitter fun and easy to use and turn it into a great marketing tool. Here’s a list of the top Twitter applications that you can use to help you go about your daily [more…]

How to Use Twitter Hashtags for Effective Marketing

Hashtags — also called #hashtags — allow Twitter users to tag their tweets to provide context to their tweets or designate them as being part of a particular conversation. You can use hashtags in your [more…]

Tips for Maintaining a Professional Tone on Twitter

If you are using Twitter for marketing, you have to take several things into consideration. You must balance your tweets so that you don’t overwhelm (and lose) your followers as a result of posting too [more…]

Ten Tools for Increasing Your Twitter Productivity

While you slowly work through the ins and outs of using Twitter to drive business and increase your brand awareness, how do you manage all the followers, replies, groups, friends, and direct messages? [more…]

The Five Rules of Location-Based Marketing

Although most users of location-based services use them for fun and entertainment, they like getting value from it as well. When you're marketing with a location-based service, you'll find success if you [more…]

What Goes Into a Good Location-Based Offer?

Wondering what goes into a good offer? The Ben & Jerry's offer is widely considered a good offer. The ice cream chain offers a foursquare deal of 3 scoops of ice cream for [more…]

The Big Players in Location-Based Marketing

Start off exploring these main players in location-based services and then, when you feel comfortable with your marketing strategies, you can branch out to other smaller, niche services. [more…]

Location-Based Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

With more people owning smartphones and checking in to location-based services, the possibility of reaching a meaningful swath of consumers — and more importantly, knowing where they are during the day [more…]

Using Social Media to Promote Your Restaurant

Increasingly, social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) is the way people connect with each other, celebrities, brands, products, and yes, even brick-and-mortar restaurants. To improve your restaurant's [more…]

Using Facebook and Twitter to Boost Your eBay Sales

Lots of folks are on Facebook and Twitter for business reasons. Like them, you can use your Facebook page and your Twitter accounts to bolster your eBay sales. Before you can have a business page on Facebook [more…]

Design Tips for Effective Business Websites

MBA-level executives know that a well-designed business website is critical for attracting customers and generating sales. When customers access websites, they want to find information quickly. The easier [more…]

Take Control of Your Location-based Content on Google

Location-based services are often associated with the check-in, but people search for places through search engines and map applications too. Google is the most-often-used search engine, so it’s important [more…]

Metrics Available on Google Places for Location-based Campaigns

When you take control of your location-based content by claiming your business on Google Places, you will get a Google Analytics–style dashboard that shows how much activity you’re getting on your page [more…]

Enhance Location-based Google Results for Your Business

After you have claimed your business on Google Places and updated all of your location-based content there, you may wish to consider the possibilities of Google AdWords Express. Google AdWords Express [more…]

Location-based Marketing with Twitter Places

Twitter has a feature called Places that allows you to geotag a tweet with your current location. Twitter grabs your location and appends it to your tweets. You can then analyze tweets by geography. [more…]

Use Bing Local in Your Location-based Marketing Campaign

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, has its own location-based business directory called Bing Local. Bing Business Portalallows you to do things like tailor or correct the information about your business [more…]

GPS Driven Advertising in Your Location-based Marketing Campaign

Some mobile advertising networks are digital advertising platforms for mobile. They allow you to buy placements on mobile web-sites. When you buy placements, you get to put your ad in that spot for a given [more…]

Use Owned Media to Build Customer Relationships

Owned media are the channels you control: your web-site, mobile sites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and location-based service (LBS) pages like foursquare, Gowalla, and Yelp. It’s the place [more…]

Cross-promote between Facebook, Twitter, and Your LBSs

Encourage your customers to cross-post their check-ins from a location-based service (LBS), such as foursquare, to Facebook and Twitter. And be sure you link from your LBSs to your web-site, Facebook and [more…]

Integrate Your Website and Blog into Location-based Campaigns

Social media and location-based marketing gain momentum from cross-promotion with more traditional online marketing like your website and blog. Yes, believe it or not, having a website and a blog are now [more…]

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