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Purchasing Items to Resell on eBay

The biggest question someone with an eBay business has to face is this: Where do I find good stuff to sell on eBay? Try these hints for stocking up on items for your eBay auctions: [more…]

U.S. Time Zone Chart for eBay Sellers

Successful eBay sellers are always aware of the time zone differences across the United States. When you have an item listed for auction on eBay, you want as many people as possible to have the opportunity [more…]

Becoming a Great eBay Seller

So your eBay bug has morphed from selling as a hobby to building an eBay business. Becoming a great eBay seller means there's a great deal of work — and a lot of fun — ahead of you. Follow these tips for [more…]

Taking Quality Pictures of eBay Items

Taking a quality photo of an item that you want to sell in an eBay auction is important. These eBay photography tips will help you present a professional image to enhance your merchandise and fetch top [more…]

Tools for Measuring Twitter Marketing Effectiveness

Measure how effectively you're using Twitter by tracking different aspects of clicks, retweets, Twitter ranking, and follower growth rate. Here are some tools that you can use: [more…]

Combining Marketing E-Mails with Social Media

E-mail marketing tools and strategies are always adapting to new technologies and changes in consumer behavior. Social media is no different — think of social sharing as the new forwarding. Here are a [more…]

Ensuring Your Marketing E-Mail Is CAN-SPAM Compliant

If you're e-mail marketing, you must get familiar with the CAN-SPAM Act. The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and the 2008 revisions to the Act apply to all commercial e-mails [more…]

A Marketing E-Mail Checklist

You've done a lot of work making sure your e-mails are exactly what your customers want. But before you click the Send button and transmit your message to the world, check off each item on this list that [more…]

Content Marketing Strategy Worksheet

Use this Content Marketing Strategy Worksheet to capture all the information about your industry, competitors, business, products, services, brand, consumers, budget, and goals. A completed worksheet helps [more…]

Content Marketing Strategy Template

Use the data from your Content Marketing Strategy Worksheet to complete the Content Marketing Strategy Template. This template can help you put your strategy into a clear and concise form that you can [more…]

Useful Websites for Content Marketing

The following websites are useful for your content marketing efforts. The list is divided into sites for blogging and microblogging, social networking, social bookmarking, sharing audio and video, and [more…]

Content Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Content marketing encompasses all forms of content that directly or indirectly promote a business, brand, product, or service. Read on to find online sites and tools for content marketing, such as blogging [more…]

How to Choose Who to Follow on Twitter

Although most of marketing, including Twitter marketing, is a big numbers game, that approach isn’t always successful: More leads don’t always equate to more sales. Choosing who to follow on Twitter helps [more…]

How to Build Your Twitter Network

Building a Twitter network organically to market your company or product takes a long time. You find your friends and colleagues, you find people who are interested in what you have to say, and after a [more…]

Sending Commercial Messages on Twitter

If you are using Twitter as part of your marketing campaign, you may be tempted to send commercial messages to your followers. As a general rule, you shouldn’t bombard your customers and Twitter followers [more…]

Deciding What to Tweet About to Market Your Product

Figuring out what to tweet about for marketing purposes can be tricky. Your first inclination may be to start sending out tweets about your product or service. Come up with a clever statement, insert a [more…]

How to Define Your Target Audience on Twitter

Choosing your target audience is the first step in building your Twitter marketing plan. Choosing people to target on Twitters differs from choosing your market in a more traditional setting. When you're [more…]

5 Tips for Marketing on Twitter

Effective marketing on Twitter doesn’t require a lot of time. In fact, you need to spend no more than 30–60 minutes per day (in two 15–30 minute blocks) on Twitter. Here are some tips for how to be productive [more…]

How to Join In on Twitter Trends

Twitter trends are the most talked-about topics on Twitter. If you want to get in on a conversation about a local, national, or even global topic, you need to find out who’s talking about what. You can [more…]

How to Create and Invite People to Your Business's Facebook Event

Facebook Events is a great way to get people together virtually or in person to support your business, brand, or product. Events is also an economical way of getting the word out beyond your normal in-house [more…]

How You Can Increase Business with a Facebook Page

Whether you’re a local, a national, or an international business, Facebook can help you drive the sales of your products and services. So, establishing a Facebook Page can help increase your business. [more…]

How to Effectively Share Content on Your Business’s Facebook Page

Facebook is all about connecting and sharing, so keep that in mind when you create your business’s Facebook Page. Sharing is all about the content. Whether that content is videos, photos, comments, links [more…]

How to Adapt Your Business’s Page to Facebook Changes

When you enter the world of Facebook marketing, remember that Facebook is an ever-changing universe, and some of the features and guidelines you’ve grown to rely on could be in jeopardy with every new [more…]

How to Share through Your Business’s Facebook Page

Sharing is the new currency in social media marketing, including Facebook marketing. There’s a tangible value in creating content that people actively share. When a piece of content is shared in this way [more…]

How to Use Best Practices in Your Business’s Facebook Page Design

Facebook Pages, also known as Fan Pages, give your business a presence on Facebook to promote your organization. When you create a Facebook Page for your business, give some thought to basic design principles [more…]

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