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Looking at Free Ways to Market Your Website

Free. There's nothing like it. Free works when you market to others, and free can work for your marketing. Use these free techniques to bootstrap your Web marketing effort. As you make money from your [more…]

Devoting Time to Your eBay Business

So you've decided to get serious about your sales at eBay. Now you have to step up to the plate and decide just how much time you have to devote to your eBay business. [more…]

Considering 6 Approaches to Effective Pricing

Pricing is an integral part of the marketing process. The right price can generate more sales; the wrong price can make your potential customers and clients look elsewhere. The following are six of the [more…]

Refreshing Tired Web Marketing Sites

Woe is you! All of a sudden (or was it sudden?), your Web site has dried up as a source of leads or sales. The number of buyers flowing through the conversion funnel has been reduced to a trickle. What [more…]

Using Rich Media in Your Marketing Web Site

Multimedia, sometimes called rich media, has increased in popularity for as broadband use has exploded. Audio clips, music, video, virtual reality, and Flash animation all fall into this category. If rich [more…]

Marketing in a Spam-Filled World

Not so long ago, it looked like the spammers had destroyed e-mail marketing, but now it looks like things are actually getting better. The software people have created better spam filters, Internet Service [more…]

Foster Good Feedback as an eBay Seller or Buyer

At eBay, you are only as good as your feedback says you are. If you're selling, here's how to get a good reputation: [more…]

Insuring eBay Success

When you're shipping a large amount of merchandise out on a regular basis, you're going to have to deal with the question of whether you offer your buyers insurance against damage or loss. [more…]

How to Track and Measure Buzz about Your Business

The impact of buzz marketing is very hard to measure. Agencies that specialize in generating buzz create ads just for viral marketing. These viral-marketing experts start the process and track it wherever [more…]

Which Social Media Marketing Platforms to Target

Strong social influence marketing (SIM) campaigns target multiple social networks. Because consumers rarely use just one social platform (for example, only Facebook or Twitter), your marketing campaign [more…]

Social Media Marketing Rules

Marketing through social media platforms isn't quite the same as traditional marketing. Here are some rules that can help you conduct a successful social media marketing campaign: [more…]

How to Create an Effective Home Business Web Site

Your home business’s Web site may look great, but if it’s not helping you sell more products and services, it’s a waste of your time and money. Here are some tried-and-true ways to build a Web site that’s [more…]

How to Get Ready to Start a Web Store

Before starting your own Web store, make sure you have a plan, financing, and dedication to your project. Building a Web store requires preparation and commitment. Consider this list of first steps and [more…]

Helpful Resources for Building Your Web Store

One thing about building a Web store is that you'll have plenty of online resources for helpful information, functions, and accounts.This list features some companies [more…]

Tips for Web Store Success

Once your Web store is up and running, the key to your success is to know your online business inside and out. Make sure you're familiar with these important aspects of managing a Web store: [more…]

Important Web Store Terms

When planning your Web store, you'll need to become familiar with terminology to keep up with technology and to design a Web store that fits your needs. [more…]

A Glossary of Pay Per Click Terms

The world of pay per click (PPC) search engine marketing uses terms you don't come across in other types of marketing. Understanding pay per click terminology can help you know what you're paying for and [more…]

Pay Per Click Marketing Web Sites

If you're marketing on the Internet, you're probably considering pay per click (PPC) search engine marketing. With PPC, you pay only when a potential customer clicks on your ad, so you can estimate how [more…]

Using Pay Per Click Content-Placement Services

Increase your pay per click success by using content-placement (or contextual) ads. Google and Yahoo! — as well as some smaller pay per click (PPC) systems — have content-placement ads you can use to increase [more…]

Getting Carrier Approval for Mobile Messaging Campaigns

You must submit the following information to your application provider to get carrier approval for your SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) mobile marketing campaigns: [more…]

Capturing Mobile Messaging Opt-Ins

To stay on the right side of ethics, and the law, make sure that you're sending marketing messages only to people who want to receive them. Try these techniques to get people to sign up, or opt-in, to [more…]

Keeping Up with Mobile Industry and Technology Changes

Several trade associations can be helpful in keeping you up to date on changes to mobile technology and the industry. Follow, join, and check out the Web sites for the following mobile and mobile marketing [more…]

Keeping Mobile Marketing Device Factors in Mind

Your marketing plan needs to take the challenges of marketing via mobile phones into account in order to be effective. Remember the following limitations of mobile devices: [more…]

Great Ways to Use the Internet for Marketing

Businesses have wonderful opportunities to grow and to extend their relationships with customers via the Internet. Here are some quick tips to market your products and services effectively on the Internet [more…]

Key Digital Marketing Terms

Digital marketing is full of technological jargon which can be daunting if you’re new to marketing on the Internet. Here’s a quick guide to deciphering some commonly used terms. [more…]

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