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Location-based Services (LBS) with a Focus on Photo Sharing


Location-based Marketing to Foodies with Foodspotting

Foodspotting is a location-based service (LBS) focusing exclusively on — you guessed it — food. Foodspotting takes reviewing food (and taking pictures) down to the dish level instead of keeping it about [more…]

Location-based Services (LBS) with Location-triggered To-do Lists

Location-based services (LBS) that let the user associate a geo-tag to a to-do item hold a great deal of promise for a location-based marketer and are gaining in popularity with users. [more…]

Converge Text, QR Codes, Small URLs with 44Doors

44Doors has taken a unique blend of technologies resulting in a creative twist on location-based engagement that integrates short URLs, QR codes (a QR code [more…]

Location-based Marketing to the Beer Enthusiast

Untappd is a niche location-based services that focuses on beer enthusiasts. Beer services allow you to see what people are drinking and where they’re enjoying those beers. [more…]

Ten Ways to Promote Your LBS Program Offline

Just because you’re marketing online doesn’t mean you can forget about promoting your location-based marketing program using traditional, offline tactics. Here are ten offline ways to create awareness [more…]

American Red Cross: Social Media Monitoring

Social media listening is viable as an early warning system in a crisis. The resulting information may inspire and enable people to act quickly. Social media can be used to collect donations, triage situations [more…]

Dell Leverages Social Buzz for New Product Launch

You can use social media to turn a negative situation into a positive. In this situation, Dell was burned by social media, but the company managed to turn the situation around. By “listening” to the conversations [more…]

Choose a Social Content Monitoring Tool

As the social media space grows, the job of monitoring your business across all the statuses, check-ins, tweets, and blog posts has grown as well. Fortunately, there are a number of tools — many of them [more…]

Determine Your Location-based Marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Having well-defined goals for your location-based marketing campaign is key to achieving measurable success. You can derive your location-based KPIs from your existing business goals. [more…]

Location-based Campaign KPI: Increase in Net Sales

Defining what success looks like in your location-based marketing campaign is key to achieving it. One possible business goal is an increase in net sales. If you think in location-based terms about what [more…]

Location-based Campaign KPI: Customer Satisfaction

As you set goals for your location-based marketing campaign, improving customer satisfaction may come to mind. In social media terms, that means your net promoters significantly outnumber your net detractors [more…]

Location-based Campaign KPI: Spend per Visit

Using location-based marketing to get your customers to come into your business is a good thing. Encouraging them to buy more every time they come in is even better. [more…]

Location-based Campaign KPI: Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is one of the KPIs most easily impacted by location-based marketing. The beauty of loyalty as a KPI is that a loyal customer base helps many of your other KPIs, including satisfaction, [more…]

Determine the Value of a Check-in

Location-based marketing really comes down to the check-in. If you can determine the value a check-in has for your business, you can determine how much you can afford to spend on an offer as well as marketing [more…]

Best Buy Uses Social Monitoring to Build Brand

Social monitoring is a good way to find people who need help from your service department. If you build a community for customer service, you might even find that customers like to solve problems for one [more…]

Location-based Searching with Fwix

Fwix is a geo-based search engine that combs the web to bring you a variety of information tied to locations, places and points of interest. The nice thing about Fwix is that you can start at the top and [more…]

How to Use Geomarketing to Drive Traffic to Your Location

Geomarketing can be particularly useful to social media marketers if you are a business with a real location, as opposed to a business based solely online. For most businesses, geomarketing involves a [more…]

Join a Local Social Media Platform: MerchantCircle

Some social media websites can work just like your local chamber of commerce. They may not be as social as being face-to-face, but you can make some solid business contacts and perhaps promote sales. [more…]

Use Location to Develop Social CRM Mobile Campaigns

Location figures prominently in the use of mobile devices and Social CRM. If a user is willing to share her location, an app can show her a variety of suggestions about what to do in her current location [more…]

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