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Combining Multiple Calls to Action in Your Marketing E-Mail

Your e-mail marketing list probably consists of prospects and customers at different stages of the buying cycle with slightly different interests, so a portion of your audience will never be ready to immediately [more…]

Giving Your E-Mail Marketing Content Inherent Value

Over long periods of time, marketing e-mails that contain a variety of valuable information are generally more effective than a string of similar e-mails that contain only offers. Even when your offers [more…]

Choosing the Right Format for Your E-Mail Marketing Message

As you compose your marketing e-mails, remember that the format of your e-mail visually communicates the main idea of its content before your audience even begins to read it. Consumers expect the format [more…]

Basic Layout Elements for E-Mail Marketing Messages

The layout of your marketing e-mail directs your audience’s eyes to specific content. Use visual anchors to draw readers’ attention to your content. The variety of visual anchors you can use is limited [more…]

Positioning Visual Anchors in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

To visualize where to place your content in your e-mail marketing message, mentally divide your e-mail template into quadrants. You can then position your visual anchors and related content according to [more…]

Using Columns in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

Using columns to organize your e-mail marketing messages creates a recognizable pattern that helps your audience prioritize and locate different groups of content as they scan through your e-mail. Choosing [more…]

Deciding How Many Columns to Use for Your E-Mail Marketing Message

Columns provide an easy-access layout for your e-mail marketing customers and prospects. The familiar column layout helps your audience zero in on your message and find the important points. [more…]

Making the Most of the Preview Pane in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

Your prospects and customers may catch their first glimpse of your marketing e-mail in the preview pane of their e-mail program. Use this valuable e-mail real estate to entice your audience into opening [more…]

Working around Image Blocking in Your E-Mail Marketing Messages

Often, your prospects and customers can’t see the images in your marketing e-mails images immediately because most e-mail programs automatically block images in the preview pane to protect their users [more…]

How to Match Your Marketing E-Mails to Your Brand

Branding your marketing e-mails helps your audience to immediately recognize and differentiate your e-mails from the unfamiliar e-mails they receive. Keeping your e-mail branding consistent over time allows [more…]

How to Make Your E-Mail Marketing Messages Accessible

Your customers and prospects may include people with disabilities and physical challenges, so make your e-mail marketing messages accessible. You can either design your e-mails with various physical challenges [more…]

How to Check whether You’re on an E-Mail Blacklist

If you’re marketing your products or services via e-mail, you need to know when your IP is being blacklisted. If your message isn’t being delivered customers can’t flock to buy your products, and your [more…]

Choosing a Type of Call to Action for Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign

Encouraging customers and prospects on your e-mail marketing list to take action dictates that you have a meaningful call to action. Design your message around what you want your audience to do with your [more…]

Writing a Call to Action for Your E-Mail Marketing Campaign

Even when your content is valuable, most consumers simply scan and delete your marketing e-mails unless you prompt them with alternatives. To get your customers and prospects to open your e-mails, each [more…]

How to Retweet for Marketing Advantage

Retweeting information that you think your Twitter followers will appreciate is part of a smart marketing strategy. You indicate that you’re retweeting a post by typing RT [more…]

How to Sign up for TwitterCounter

If you are marketing on Twitter, finding out what your followers are doing can give you insights about how to reach them more effectively. TwitterCounter [more…]

How to View Follower Growth on TwitterCounter

TwitterCounter is a great marketing tool. You can use it to track your Twitter followers and the growth of your list of followers. The following list describes what makes TwitterCounter important to your [more…]

Why to Add a TwitterCounter Button to Your Website

If you are marketing your goods and services on Twitter you can add a TwitterCounter button to your blog or website. When visitors to your site click it, they are taken to your TwitterCounter homepage. [more…]

Tracking Who’s Unfollowed You on Twitter via Qwitter

Twitter marketing tools that feed your ego and help you gain as many followers as you could possibly want abound, but none are quite like Qwitter. Qwitter is a service that allows you to track who has [more…]

Tips for Engaging Your Twitter Followers

Think of your Twitter followers as valuable marketing tools. They help you share content and spread news about your products and services; they also help you build thought-leadership and your ideas. You [more…]

Searching for Customers by Subject Matter on Twitter

Twitter marketers can dig in three main places to unearth people to follow on Twitter: people’s tweets, people’s bios, and people’s locations. Based on tweets, you can establish an interest or a need from [more…]

Determining Who to Follow in Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

Marketing on Twitter can be tricky. You want to follow people that will help your business grow. Not everyone is worth following. This doesn’t mean that these folks are bad people; they just don’t provide [more…]

Why Build a Quantity-Based Twitter Network

The Twitterati (Tweet elite) have a raging debate about whether you should have a huge Twitter following or focus more on having a smaller number of loyal fans who truly care about what you have to say [more…]

The Pros and Cons of Auto-DMs for Twitter Marketers

On Twitter direct messages (also called DMs) are tweets that you send out to a follower that only he or she can see. Whereas other tweets are public to all your followers, the DM is a private message that [more…]

How Retweeting Helps Your Marketing Venture on Twitter

To market successfully on Twitter you need to know how to use retweets. When you retweet, you tweet a message that was previously posted by another user; in other words, you’re quoting another user or [more…]

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