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How to Effectively Share Content on Your Business’s Facebook Page

Facebook is all about connecting and sharing, so keep that in mind when you create your business’s Facebook Page. Sharing is all about the content. Whether that content is videos, photos, comments, links [more…]

How to Adapt Your Business’s Page to Facebook Changes

When you enter the world of Facebook marketing, remember that Facebook is an ever-changing universe, and some of the features and guidelines you’ve grown to rely on could be in jeopardy with every new [more…]

How to Share through Your Business’s Facebook Page

Sharing is the new currency in social media marketing, including Facebook marketing. There’s a tangible value in creating content that people actively share. When a piece of content is shared in this way [more…]

How to Use Best Practices in Your Business’s Facebook Page Design

Facebook Pages, also known as Fan Pages, give your business a presence on Facebook to promote your organization. When you create a Facebook Page for your business, give some thought to basic design principles [more…]

How to Integrate a Storefront on Your Business’s Facebook Page

Merchants are increasingly turning to Facebook as a channel to sell their wares. Attracted to Facebook’s mass reach and inexpensive, targeted ads, businesses create custom tabs to present their products [more…]

How to Use Facebook Ads for Your Business Marketing Campaign

Facebook’s advertising strategy can become an important part of your business marketing campaign. The self-service option for placing ads on Facebook offers many targeting options, such as being able to [more…]

How to Build Your Business’s Facebook Friend Network

Building your personal friend network on Facebook can have a resonating effect on your professional persona. By encouraging your friends to become fans of your business’s Page, your updates appear on their [more…]

How to Add Updates to Your Business’s Facebook Page

Maintaining a steady stream of updated content helps you attract new members from the Facebook community to your business’s Facebook Page, as well as interact with them. These updates also help keep your [more…]

Crafting Your Marketing Message on Twitter

Twitter is a place where you build business relationships (unless you're a spammer). Relationship building is the key to your Twitter marketing strategy. So you should strive to cultivate relationships [more…]

How to Perform a Competitive Analysis on Twitter

In parallel with creating a presence on Twitter, you should also figure out what your competitors are doing in the world of micro-blogging. Twitter makes creating a competitive analysis report fairly easy [more…]

Tools for Assessing Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

You can measure your Twitter marketing efforts in a number of different ways. Some of them are free, but others cost quite a bit of money. Regardless of the level of sophistication that you need, you can [more…]

How to Shorten URLs on Twitter

Even if you are marketing on Twitter, not everything you tweet is going to point to a blog, let alone your blog. Maybe you find an interesting photo or song, or you want to refer people to another article [more…]

How to Upload Your Photo to Twitter

To market your product, business, or brand on Twitter, you need to choose an image to represent it. Few things are a bigger turnoff on Twitter than profile pages that haven’t picked an original avatar [more…]

How to Compile and Follow Twitter Lists

If you are using Twitter as a marketing tool, you will want to take advantage of Twitter lists. The launch of Twitter lists provides you with a way to organize the people you’re following on Twitter and [more…]

Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter and the Internet have changed how you can target your customers. They’ve made marketing easier and cheaper. E-mail accounts and social networks such as Facebook are free to use. The cost of developing [more…]

How to Use Twitter to Find Sales Leads

Nowadays, you can find prospective customers by searching for them through Twitter’s search feature (both the one that you have access to within Twitter itself and the [more…]

How Do Promoted Tweets Work?

Twitter has released some new tools called promoted tweets that can put ads in Twitter on search results and then move to the user feeds. How does that help your marketing campaign? Well, when a user searches [more…]

How to Reduce Your Number of Twitter Followers

That’s right, reduce the number of Twitter followers to improve your marketing campaign. To get to your truly engaged followers, you need to lighten your load. Sure, it means you have fewer followers, [more…]

Using Multiple Twitter Accounts to Create Your Business Profile

If you're using Twitter for business, do you create a personal account and a business account, or do you use just one account? A lot depends on your specific case, and you should base your decision on [more…]

Installing an Analytics Package to Measure Your Twitter Presence

Analytics software lets you track your tweets and retweets so you can tell how effective your Twitter marketing campaign is. You can install an analytics package on your website fairly easily. Each package [more…]

How to Recognize and Block a Twitter Spam Account

As your Twitter marketing campaign grows you will want keep track of the people who start following you. That way you can block people who generate spam. If you have your account set up to send you New [more…]

Third-Party Tools for Marketing on Twitter

As a Twitter marketer, you will want to look for an app that allows you to effectively manage multiple Twitter profiles, schedule tweets to go out at a later date and time, and measure your Twitter analytics [more…]

How to Manage Your Marketing Time on Twitter

Marketing on Twitter involves managing your time. If you look at Twitter as some big elephant that you have to eat all at the same time, you’ll never get it done. But if you start small, you can master [more…]

How to Manage and Analyze Twitter Data with Twitalyzer

Twitalyzer is one of the Web-based tools that allow you to automate, export, and manage your Twitter data and analytics to measure effectiveness. The information you obtain from Twitalyzer is not overwhelming [more…]

Monitoring Services for Assessing Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

To measure the success of your Twitter marketing efforts, it helps to know whether and where people are talking about your tweets, forwarding your links, or using those links elsewhere on the Web. You [more…]

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