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Dell Leverages Social Buzz for New Product Launch

You can use social media to turn a negative situation into a positive. In this situation, Dell was burned by social media, but the company managed to turn the situation around. By “listening” to the conversations [more…]

Choose a Social Content Monitoring Tool

As the social media space grows, the job of monitoring your business across all the statuses, check-ins, tweets, and blog posts has grown as well. Fortunately, there are a number of tools — many of them [more…]

Determine Your Location-based Marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Having well-defined goals for your location-based marketing campaign is key to achieving measurable success. You can derive your location-based KPIs from your existing business goals. [more…]

Location-based Campaign KPI: Increase in Net Sales

Defining what success looks like in your location-based marketing campaign is key to achieving it. One possible business goal is an increase in net sales. If you think in location-based terms about what [more…]

Location-based Campaign KPI: Customer Satisfaction

As you set goals for your location-based marketing campaign, improving customer satisfaction may come to mind. In social media terms, that means your net promoters significantly outnumber your net detractors [more…]

Location-based Campaign KPI: Spend per Visit

Using location-based marketing to get your customers to come into your business is a good thing. Encouraging them to buy more every time they come in is even better. [more…]

Location-based Campaign KPI: Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is one of the KPIs most easily impacted by location-based marketing. The beauty of loyalty as a KPI is that a loyal customer base helps many of your other KPIs, including satisfaction, [more…]

Determine the Value of a Check-in

Location-based marketing really comes down to the check-in. If you can determine the value a check-in has for your business, you can determine how much you can afford to spend on an offer as well as marketing [more…]

Best Buy Uses Social Monitoring to Build Brand

Social monitoring is a good way to find people who need help from your service department. If you build a community for customer service, you might even find that customers like to solve problems for one [more…]

Location-based Searching with Fwix

Fwix is a geo-based search engine that combs the web to bring you a variety of information tied to locations, places and points of interest. The nice thing about Fwix is that you can start at the top and [more…]

Google AdWords For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Google AdWords is an advertising revolution. Your ads can be seen by thousands of people searching specifically for what you have, and you pay nothing until a searcher clicks your ad to visit your website [more…]

A Checkout System for Your Mobile Site

If everything goes well, you ultimately guide your shoppers on your mobile website to the checkout: the place where the key action — money moving out of shoppers’ accounts and into yours — happens. As [more…]

Tips for Marketing on Your Own Website

As a smart businessperson, you want to make full use of the web to market your goods and services. This includes running your own website. Use these quick tips to optimize your site for marketing effectiveness [more…]

Essential Tasks of a Successful Marketing Website

Your website can be your strongest marketing tool. It serves as the face your business presents to the online world. If visitors find that face engaging, you’re on your way to increased sales. You should [more…]

Crucial Search Engines for Web Marketing

To market goods and services successfully on your own website, you must submit your site for free to these three search engines. They cover well over 90 percent of the natural search market: [more…]

Use Social Media to Enhance Your Web Presence

Use social media to entice visitors to visit or return to your hub web site where they will receive your full message. Double the benefits by optimizing every social media channel to improve your search [more…]

Market Research Sites to Use for Web Marketing

You want your business website to attract customers — that’s the whole aim of your web marketing strategy after all. Time spent researching your target market, industry news, or competition is never time [more…]

Defining Web Marketing Terms

It helps to know the jargon when you venture into new territory, like web marketing. To make the most of your online marketing strategies, make yourself familiar with the terms in this list: [more…]

The Power of Social Media when Marketing Your Dog Photography Business

Gone are the days where you have to pay for mailing lists and market research. Forget about shelling out your hard-earned cash to direct mail companies to make your clients come to you; you can go to them [more…]

Essentials: Use Social Media Strategically with Cause Marketing

Telling you that you should use social media with cause marketing is a little like Moses coming down from Mount Sinai and telling people he just got the Ten Commandments from The Almighty. You just have [more…]

Social Media as a Cause Marketing Cost Saver

Social media is powerful, ever-growing, and here to stay. It’s also free. Social media and cause marketing belong together!

Social media teaches you cause marketing. The key thought leaders and blogs in [more…]

Cause Marketing Program and SEO

People are searching for information on your cause marketing program, and the better you use search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, the more likely they are to find you on the Internet. [more…]

What Online Community Managers Can Learn from Successful Discussion Forums

Online discussion forums have been around since the Internet’s early days and they’re still a gathering place for like-minded community discussion. Plenty of forums on the web have thousands of active [more…]

What Online Community Managers Can Learn from Blogging Communities

Whether bloggers blog for themselves or on behalf of a brand or client, it’s up to them to manage their online community. The blogger writes up the topic du jour, and his community responds in kind. Content [more…]

How to Avert Anarchy with Online Community Guidelines

Here’s the thing about rules; no one likes being told how to behave, but after a while, online community members realize it’s good to have some guidelines. In the real world, there are reasons kids are [more…]

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