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Medical Transcription: Procedure Notes

Procedures that you might see in medical transcription range from placement of a feeding tube, to cardioversion to correct a heart rhythm, to a colonoscopy — pretty much anything that doesn’t require a [more…]

Medical Transcription: Psychiatric Assessment

When you begin work as a medical transcriptionist, you should understand what a psychiatric assessment is and how to transcribe one. A full psychiatric evaluation is performed when someone is admitted [more…]

Medical Transcription: Sections of an Operative Report

The Operative Report is part of the Big Four: the family of reports that comprise the core of medical transcription work. Here, step through each section of the report in detail, including section headings [more…]

Medical Transcription: Sections of the History of Physical Examination Report

Here are all the sections that might be included in a History and Physical Examination Report that you will come across as a medical transcriptionist, and some examples of how they are commonly formatted [more…]

Medical Transcription: The Sections of a Consultation Report

Consultation reports vary in length from a few paragraphs to several pages, depending on the complexity of the case. As the medical transcriptionist, you will need to be familiar with each section. [more…]


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