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The Basics of Working from Home for Medical Transcription

The opportunity for medical transcriptionists to work from home is due to the wonders of computer technology; so are a lot of potential headaches. Getting a firm grip on what equipment you’ll need and [more…]

Internet Service for Medical Transcription Work

There are many ways you can bring Internet service to your home for medical transcription work. The most popular are cable, DSL, and satellite. Forget about dial-up — it’s just too slow to be accepted [more…]

Should You Use a Laptop or Desktop for Medical Transcription Work?

Medical transcription work can be done from both laptop and desktop computers. Unless you have a compelling reason to use a laptop, a desktop computer is the way to go. You’ll have much more control over [more…]

Troubleshoot Ergonomic Problems in Medical Transcription

Scientists have been studying how to make you comfortable while you do computer work such as medical transcription (and, thus, healthy and productive) for years. It’s called [more…]

Computer Specs for Medical Transcription Work

Medical transcription work requires a lot of brain power but not a lot of computing power. There’s no real need for a high-end CPU, super video card, or gobs of storage [more…]

Monitors for Medical Transcription

When monitor shopping for your medical transcription work, the sheer amount of variables can be daunting; however, for those of you who aren’t video editors or big-time gamers, most of them aren’t important [more…]

Choose a Keyboard and Mouse for Medical Transcription Work

Here are some tips for choosing a keyboard and mouse for your at-home medical transcription work. Remember to think about ergonomics when choosing these items, as you will likely be spending long hours [more…]

Choose Headphones for Medical Transcription Work

Using headphones made specifically for medical transcription will give you a fighting chance at understanding what that mumbling dictator is really saying. Headphones provide much better sound quality [more…]

Foot Pedals for Medical Transcription

A foot pedal (also called a WAV pedal) is used in medical transcription because it enables you to control dictation playback with your toes. You can play, rewind, and fast forward by tapping different [more…]

Protect Your Medical Transcription Work and Equipment

Computer gear is more reliable than ever, which is great for your medical transcription work, but there are still things that can bring it to its knees in the blink of an eye. Too much electricity, too [more…]

Tech Support for Medical Transcription

Sooner or later, you will have some technical problems when you're doing your medical transcription work: Your keyboard will quit working, your computer will slow to a crawl, or your Internet connectivity [more…]

Medical Transcription Work from Home Made Easier

Despite its many benefits, working from home doing medical transcription is not as easy as most people anticipate. You’ll have to train yourself, your family, your friends, and your neighbors regarding [more…]

Common Career Paths for Medical Transcriptionists

As you build experience in medical transcription, you’ll gain access to additional job roles. The first step is to take on more complex report types and client accounts. When you hit full stride, those [more…]

Continuing Education Courses for Medical Transcription

When you begin working in medical transcription, you’ll pick up new medical knowledge every day, just by virtue of working as a medical transcriptionist. If you’re like many medical transcriptionists, [more…]

Ongoing Learning for Medical Transcriptionists

If you’re like most medical transcriptionists, you’ll have to pay for ongoing training out of your own pocket. If you’re working as an employee rather than as an independent contractor, hitting up your [more…]

Professional Organizations for Medical Transcriptionists

Launching a new career and joining a professional association frequently go hand in hand. Even so, as a new medical transcriptionist, you won’t be rolling in the dough, so handing some of it over to a [more…]

Two Associations for Medical Transcriptionists: AHDI and AHIMA

There’s no question that it’s a challenging time to be a medical transcriptionist. There’s tremendous change going on. New opportunities are opening up, including a broad availability of the option to [more…]

How to Switch Employers in Medical Transcription

People change employers within medical transcription for many reasons. Even if you’re fortunate enough to land a starting position that’s a perfect match at the time you accept it, your needs and interests [more…]

Your First Medical Transcription Job

Before you sit down at your keyboard on that exciting first day of your first medical transcription job, know this: you’ll get off to a much slower start than you ever imagined. [more…]

The Quality Assessment Process of Medical Transcription

Everyone in medical transcription agrees quality assessment is important; however, achieving it is neither simple nor painless. Sometimes it’s downright controversial. Understanding the process from both [more…]

Quality Assessment Scores for Medical Transcriptionists

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) offers the following system for grading medical transcriptionists on the quality of their transcription. [more…]

Medical Transcription: Possible Problems with Quality Assessment

Quality assessment is an important part of medical transcription work. As reasonable as the pursuit of perfection sounds, in practice, the quality assessment [more…]

Medical Transcription: How to Challenge a Quality Assessment Penalty

A quality assessment score for your medical transcription work isn’t automatically a take-it-or-leave-it proposition. If you feel you’ve been improperly dinged in an evaluation, you can appeal. [more…]

Medical Transcription Work and HIPAA

As a medical transcriptionist, you’ll be entrusted with sensitive patient data. Legally speaking, you won’t get very far down the medical transcription trail before you run into HIPAA [more…]

Medical Transcription: Safeguard Patient Privacy

HIPAA or no HIPAA, all medical transcriptionists have an ethical and moral responsibility to protect patient confidentiality. It’s part of the job description. There are some steps you should routinely [more…]


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