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Medical Billing: How to Troubleshoot Issues with the 5010 Platform

As a medical billing professional, the transition to ICD-10 means working with and sometimes troubleshooting the 5010 platform. Experts have already identified problems associated with the 5010 transition [more…]

Medical Billing: Causes of Claim Denial under the 5010 Platform

As a medical billing professional, you may find yourself faced with claim denial under the 5010 platform. Every step that delays the claim also delays the payment. Possible causes of rejections or denials [more…]

How to Facilitate the Transition to ICD-10 for Medical Billing in Your Office

The transition in medical billing to ICD-10 WILL happen and it is essential you understand how to facilitate this in your own office. As you move toward ICD-10, remember that claim transactions are the [more…]

How to Prep Office Staff to Transition to ICD-10 for Medical Billing

As a medical billing professional, you will need to prepare your staff for the transition to ICD-10 that is coming. After the back end is ready to roll for ICD-10 [more…]

10 Medical Billing and Coding Mistakes to Be Wary of

Medical coders are obligated to do everything within their power not to make errors, but everybody makes mistakes. Ethical violations are serious, and by virtue of your coder position, you have access [more…]

Understanding Medical Billing and Coding Compliance

In the healthcare world, rules are referred to as compliance. Compliance simply means following the rules for billing and coding as well as patient confidentiality as established by the United States Office [more…]

Getting on the Path to Medical Billing and Coding Certification

The two primary certification organizations for medical coding are the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and the American Health Information Management Association [more…]

Walking in the Steps of a Medical Biller or Coder

The job of a medical biller or coder is to transform a patient visit into revenue. In order for this to happen smoothly, you must follow several steps. [more…]

Medical Billing and Coding Teamwork: Working with Payers

The revenue cycle of medical billing and coding requires teamwork in order to work efficiently. You may find yourself as the go-between for patients and their insurance companies. The patient [more…]


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