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How to Draw Polo Shirts for Fashion

Polos are shirts made out of knit fabric, which means they stretch and are quite comfortable to wear. They’re like T-shirts but dressier. The neckline on the polo has a collar and a placket with several [more…]

How to Dress Up the Button-Down Shirt

The button-down shirt hangs in everyone’s closet these days. For guys, it’s standard dress in many offices, and it’s a staple in nearly every woman’s wardrobe. Little boys wear a button-down with a tie [more…]

How to Draw Fashion Sweaters and Sweatshirts

Sweaters are great layering pieces that keep your model warm and fashionable all at once. Some sweaters open from the front, and others go on over the head. Sweaters are always made of some type of stretchy [more…]

How to Draw a Basic Pair of Fashion Pants

Pants are pretty simple to draw: They start around the waist and follow the legs down to the vicinity of the feet . . . although in today’s fashion, they can also start somewhere around the middle of the [more…]

Draw the Waistband, Belt Loops, and Flys to Fashion Pants

Drawing the waistband and belt loops on a pair of fashion pants takes just a few simple steps. The complication factor comes from the variety of ways you can design the look. You can alter the number of [more…]

How to Draw Shoes for Kids

Kids’ shoes are all about comfort. Fashion-illustration kids often sport sneakers, but you have other footwear choices as well. Boots, flip-flops, and sandals all work for kids as well as adults. [more…]

How to Add Topstitching to Fashion Pants

Topstitching, which is thread stitched on the fabric that can be seen from the outside, can add the detail that distinguishes one pair of pants from another. Topstitching can have both a functional and [more…]

How to Draw Stylish Cuffs and Hems on Fashion Pants

Even the bottoms of pants should look sharp in fashion illustration. To accomplish this, use curved lines to wrap the bottom of the pants around the ankle, foot, or calf [more…]

How to Draw a Woman's Pants Wardrobe

Women’s pants are fun to draw, and the varieties are endless. The waistlines, length, and fit are constantly changing. Designing pants can be such fun when you think about the placement of pockets and [more…]

How to Draw Pants for Male Fashion Figures

A man’s gotta have pants. You can draw dozens of different looks for men’s pants. A well-dressed guy turns heads. Fit is important when you’re going for a tailored look, and for students, the style is [more…]

How to Draw Pants for Girls and Boys

For drawing kids’ pants, almost all the same rules apply for drawing pants for men and women. The rules for women work for girls, with differences in the curves of the body; girls tend to have a boxier [more…]

How to Draw Gorgeous Fashion Gowns

Most fashion illustrators love to draw fancy dresses and create a glamorous mood. With gowns for women, just about anything goes, and as a fashion artist, you get to go to new and exciting places with [more…]

How to Draw Men's Formalwear

Although men’s formalwear doesn’t have nearly the variety of styles that women’s fancy dresses do, you can still tailor the look. What looks better than a well-cut jacket and a pair of pants that hang [more…]

How to Draw Party Dresses for Girls and Tweens

You need to know how to draw age-appropriate dresses for young girls and preteens. Wearing a party dress makes a little girl feel like a fairy or a princess or, well, a fairy princess. You may not be able [more…]

How to Draw Boys' Formal Clothes

You should have no problems getting your fashion-drawing boys to dress up just the way you want them to (unlike the real versions). Sooner or later, a boy has to get dressed up for a holiday, a family [more…]

How to Draw Spring Jackets

Spring jackets are fun to draw because they’re not as heavy and bulky as winter wear; you can actually see clothes peeking out beneath some spring jackets. Outerwear really lightens up in the spring. Spring [more…]

How to Draw Fall Fashions

Fall fashions offer a wonderful range of opportunities in fashion illustration. Jackets look smart in the fall. Blazers over turtlenecks convey the elegant country look, and short, snappy jackets work [more…]

How to Draw Winter Fashions

By the time you’ve finished drawing a winter coat, you’ve just about covered up your fashion model! Floor-length coats, ski jackets, pea coats, and tailored coats paired with gloves, hats, and scarves [more…]

How to Draw Fashion Shoes

Many fashion artists feel intimidated when drawing shoes, but if you can draw feet, you can draw a shoe. Shoes finish a fashion look. Like clothes, shoe styles change quickly, so keep up with what’s new [more…]

The Basics on Drawing Fashion Hair

Great-looking hair is a fashion essential — even in a fashion illustration. If your drawing doesn’t have natural yet exciting-looking hair, the hair will detract from the overall impact of your drawing [more…]

How to Draw Fashionable Jewelry and Watches

Drawing jewelry on your fashion figures is all about using basic shapes to create necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or watches. Going back to the basics applies whether you’re creating simple or elaborate [more…]

How to Draw Fashionable Hats

Sun hats, brim hats, and snug-fitting hats all start with one mini golden rule: draw a shape that fits around the head before adding brims, textures, and accessories. [more…]

Follow Folds to Show How Clothes Move in Fashion Drawing

Folds don’t just fall without purpose — there are reasons why cloth pulls and moves on your fashion figure. When material moves in different directions [more…]

How to Draw Tight Clothing

Draw a long, lean fashion figure and show her (or him) off in clothes that really hug that bod. Some clothes are really tight, and why not? On the body of a fashion figure, that’s often the way they look [more…]

How to Draw Folds in Hanging Fabric

Some fashion models are fortunate enough to wear glam dresses and gowns, where the cloth tumbles into a beautiful cascade. Many noted designers use bolts and bolts of fabric to get gorgeous hanging folds [more…]


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