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Medical Coding and Billing Certification from BMSC and PAHCS

The AAPC and AHIMA aren’t the only games in town when it comes to certification for medial coding and billing. Although they are perhaps the most well-known, you may discover that your professional goals [more…]

Benefits of Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM) Training for Medical Coders and Billers

Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM) is an important resource for medical coders and billers. It deals with just about everything associated with the information created, disseminated, [more…]

How to Prepare Your Resources for Medical Coding and Billing Certification Exams

As the time nears for your medical coding and billing certification examination, look through your ICD-9 and CPT books. Make sure you’re familiar with all the sections and highlight the areas you want [more…]

AAPC Trademarked Certifications for Medical Coders and Billers

The AAPC offers several trademarked certifications for the medical coding and billing field. These specialty certifications do not require you to get a Certified Professional Coder [more…]

Specialty AHIMA Certifications for Medical Coders and Billers

AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association) offers several types of specialty certifications for those in the medical coding and billing field. It’s a veritable alphabet soup of acronyms [more…]

How to Align a Medical Coding Certification to Your Career Goals

Deciding which type of medical coding certification best fits your career goals is really a two-step process. Think about these two factors when you are selecting a certification type: [more…]

How to Prepare for the CPC Exam for AAPC Medical Coding Certification

To ensure that you can perform all the necessary job requirements out in the medical coding field, the CPC certification examination itself tests for strength in all areas, including the following: [more…]

How to Prepare for the CCS Exam for AHIMA Medical Coding Certification

The CCS examination for medical coding certification consists of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions that are based on medical terminology and coding examples and that include questions based [more…]

The Medical Coding Certification that Will Further Your Career Aspirations

Although you can’t predict the future, you can put some thought into your long-term career needs when you’re thinking about the type of medical coding training program you want. The last thing you want [more…]

How to Plan for Medical Coding and Billing Job Training

Although becoming certified in medical billing and coding requires only that you pass a 5-hour exam, you can expect your training to take between one and two years. Then, following certification, you should [more…]

How to Schedule Your Day while Training for a Medical Coding and Billing Career

Classroom training for medical coding and billing, like most vocational school programs, involves about 10 hours per week in the classroom. For every hour you spend in class, plan on at least 2 hours of [more…]

Prerequisites for Medical Coding and Billing Training

General prerequisites for a successful medical billing and coding career are strong keyboarding skills and strong reading skills. You also need to know basic math skills. [more…]

How to Choose a Program of Study for Medical Coding and Billing

Certification may open the door to your new medical coding and billing career, but you need to understand the workings of the industry to succeed in the billing and coding business. That’s where your program [more…]

Pros and Cons of Community College for Medical Coding and Billing Training

Community college programs for medical coding and billing vary in cost and number of hours required for a certificate of completion. A solid community college program includes instruction in medical terminology [more…]

Introduction to Internships and Externships for Medical Coding and Billing Trainees

Public and privately owned businesses like free or nearly free medical coding and billing labor, and most internships(on-the-job training that takes place while you’re in school) and [more…]

Pros and Cons of Technical School Programs for Medical Coding and Billing

Vocational schools offer an alternative to the community college route as a means to train for a career in medical coding and billing. Some of these programs offer excellent training. [more…]

Pros and Cons of Online Training Programs for Medical Coding and Billing

You can prepare for a career in medical coding and billing through an online program. If you’re self-motivated or if you’re already working in the medical field, online training may be just what you need [more…]

How to Use Medical Billing Modifiers for Government Payers

In medical billing, modifiers may be necessary when you encounter claims with Medicare and other government payers. Knowing what to do in each instance can be a huge time saver. [more…]

When to Use Retired Modifiers in Medical Billing

Because certain payers use older claims processing systems in medical billing, you may encounter retired modifiers. Many of the Medicaid payers and some of the smaller Workers’ Compensation payers still [more…]

How to Avoid Under-Coding in Medical Billing

In medical billing, it is your responsibility as a biller/coder to abstract all billable codes from the medical record. Failing to identify billable codes [more…]

How to Override Published Edits in Medical Billing

As the coder for medical billing, you can override — or bypass — a published edit in the software, if you know how. The most obvious way to bypass a published edit is to assign a modifier to a code. This [more…]

How to Complete the Initial Paperwork for Medical Billing

As a biller and coder, completing the initial paperwork is the first step in the medical billing scenario. When you walk into the office of any healthcare provider, be it a family physician, a testing [more…]

How to Enter the Codes into Billing Software for Medical Billing

As a medical billing professional, you have to enter the codes into the billing software after you have the patient information and the provider documentation of the patient encounter. You now have the [more…]

Medical Billing: How to Decipher Standard Contracts

In the world of medical billing, many payers or networks have standardized contracts that they offer to healthcare providers. It is important that you understand and can decipher these contracts. A well-defined [more…]

How to Deal with Prior Authorization in Medical Billing

As a medical billing professional, dealing with prior authorization is a necessary part of the job. Prior authorization (also known as preauthorization [more…]

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